With the development of the times, the current consumer demand for the use of cars has risen to a higher experience demand from pure transportation. A car is not only a tool for transportation, but a complete vehicle.The ride experience, driving comfort, etc. must be comprehensive.NVH is precisely a key indicator of comfort. According to data, about 30% of vehicle failures are related to automotive NVH.

Many people think that NVH refers to the sound insulation performance of vehicles, but in fact, NVH includes Noise, Vibration and Harshness.On the one hand, it is an important indicator to measure the comfort of car driving and directly affects the driving experience in the car; at the same time, it is also one of the most difficult parts of vehicle development and an important manifestation of the comprehensive strength of automobile research and development.Therefore, in order to do a good job in NVH, there is no other shortcut except for continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs.

As ​​a leader in domestic automobiles, BYD attaches great importance to the research and development of NVH.A few days ago, BYD held the "BYD NVH Active Sound Quality Sharing Conference", and for the first time announced the latest research and development results developed for the "Dynasty Series" and "Ocean Series" models - the new NVH active sound design,Create a brand voice that belongs to BYD.

It is understood that the BYD NVH team was established at the end of 2008. Among them, the BYD NVH Technology Research Department is affiliated to the CAE & Vehicle Performance Development Center of the Automotive Engineering Research Institute, with a team size of 150 people;Then in 2010, BYD invested 200 million yuan to establish a special NVH laboratory, equipped with more than 40 sets of test equipment and more than 1,000 test channels. In just 4 years, BYD has accumulated more than 100 patents and papers;Dr. Charles Zhang, chief NVH expert of Renault Group, and Che Xifan, who has 27 years of NVH R&D experience, were invited to join the R&D team, making BYD at the forefront of the domestic NVH industry in terms of staffing and hardware conditions.

So let's get back to today's topic, what is active sound design?In fact, BYD's active sound design mainly consists of two parts. The first is that BYD has replaced the original, very rigid, built-in prompts, such as seat belt prompts, gear shifting, steering, double flash, and radar.Tips and more.The second is that BYD has added many brand-specific sounds, such as start/stop, welcome sound, sports sound, etc., to make the sound more atmospheric.

It is worth mentioning that BYD will launch exclusive customized active sound designs according to different products and series, not all models are the same.For example, in the BYD Dynasty series models, the Tang Dynasty adopted the theme sound of power-on and power-off based on pipa timbre, which was smooth and elegant as a whole, calm and textured; while Yuan used the guqin as the power-on and power-off theme sound, with bird calls and whistles added to the consonants.It reflects the rhythm of outdoor, natural and youthful; BYD Dolphin series models use beautiful tunes as the theme, and combine the design with the sound of the waves, giving people a fresh, natural, youthful and fashionable feeling; the warship series models introduce departure whistle, wave beatThe sound element of the hull.

For consumers, BYD not only replaces the original synthetic sound and mechanical sound of the car with active sound, but also gives people a fresh, natural, youthful and fashionable feeling;At the same time, the active sound is also fully integrated with the appearance, interior and lighting systems of BYD's various series of models, bringing consumers a full range of visual, auditory, tactile and other feelings, making the car not only a means of transportation, but also a vehicle.Is a partner full of emotion and connotation.