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BYD Seal challenges Model 3 Nissan operating margin at 3.0%

2022-07-30 11:48:41NetEase Auto Industry

Nissan's first-quarter fiscal 2022 operating margin was 3.0%

On July 29, Nissan Motor Corporation announced the first quarter of fiscal 2022 (April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022) in Yokohama, Japan.According to the financial report, the company achieved a consolidated net income of JPY 2.14 trillion (approximately RMB 105.829 billion), a consolidated operating profit of JPY 64.9 billion (approximately RMB 3.209 billion), and an operating profit of JPY 2.14 trillion.The rate was 3.0%, and the net income was 47.1 billion yen (about 2.329 billion yuan).

Yicai Review: Affected by the continued spread of the global new crown epidemic, shortages of components such as chips in the industry, and external factors such as rising raw material prices and logistics costs, the operating environment in the first quarter of fiscal 2022 is full of challenges.Nissan has boosted the growth of single-vehicle profits of its main models mainly by improving the quality of sales in various markets.At the same time, the company maintained positive earnings and recurring net profits thanks to fine-tuned financial management and tight control of fixed costs, as well as a weaker yen.Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. CEO Makoto Uchida said that in the first quarter of fiscal 2022, Nissan has steadily advanced various businesses through the "Nissan NEXT" corporate transformation plan.At the same time, Nissan continues to shift toward a more resilient profit model.Despite the uncertain external business environment, Nissan has released its new all-electric model, the Nissan Sakura, and has received a large number of orders.Recently, the Nissan X-Trail (parameterspicture) equipped with Nissan e-POWER and Nissan e-4ORCE dual-motor all-wheel control technology launched in the Japanese market.a>) is also about to land in the European market.The company will further improve the profit structure and maximize the activation of the new car effect.

BYD Seal challenges Tesla Model 3

BYD Seal, which has attracted much attention, was officially launched today. The official guide price of the new car is 209,800~286,800 yuan. Previously, the pre-sale price of the seal was 212,800~28.98 yuan.10,000 yuan, on the basis of the pre-sale price, the official price has dropped by 3,000 yuan as a whole.The BYD Seal adopts the design concept of the concept car Ocean-X. The whole vehicle has a very sporty shape, and the side part of the seal adopts a fast-back body design.In terms of battery life, BYD Seal has three versions, namely 550 kilometers of standard battery life rear drive version, 700 kilometers of long battery life rear drive version and 650 kilometers of four-wheel drive performance version.It is worth noting that Seal also has many industry-leading black technologies, such as CTB battery body integration technology, 0.219Cd ultra-low drag coefficient, iTAC technology, etc.

Yicai Review: BYD and Tesla are in full swing for the title of global new energy vehicle sales champion.In the first half of this year, BYD beat Tesla with 646,000 sales.At present, BYD continues to launch new cars, among which, the new car seal attacks the Model 3, one of Tesla's main models, and strives to further consolidate its sales advantage in the second half of the year and regain the global new energy vehicle sales crown for the whole year of 2022.

Beijing Auto's new compact SUV model Mofang launched

On the evening of July 28, BAIC Motor's new compact SUV model - Rubik's Cube was officially launched, with a guide price of 99,900 to 153,900 yuan.The car adopts a new appearance design style, equipped with Hongmeng car system, car-grade Kirin 990A chip and other configurations.The new car is positioned as a "full-equipped Souxiu SUV", offering young users a 2-year 120,000-interest/5-year 50,000-interest/5-year 100,000 youth loan, a replacement subsidy of up to 6,000 yuan, and a lifetime of the first family car owner.Warranty and free traffic for life.

Yicai Comments: For many years, the compact SUV market has been a hot spot for independent brands.This time, the new Rubik's cube released by BAIC Motor is a compact SUV product aimed at young people. In this market segment, Geely, Changan and other car companies have made arrangements, and the joint venture brand Jetta is also present.Continuously expand the product line.Judging from the configuration of the Rubik's Cube, it has a strong cost-effective advantage.At present, for BAIC Motor, the building of the brand image is very important.Judging from BAIC Motor's actions, it is strengthening the brand's tonality through cooperation with Huawei, rejuvenation strategy, and cross-border marketing.

Sihao Love Run equipped with a new generation of ultra-safe cellular batteries is launched

On the evening of July 28, the new car, Sihao Love Run, was officially launched. A total of 5 configurations were launched, with prices ranging from 139,900 to 199,900 yuan.A new generation of cellular batteries, 602km long battery life, Huawei's intelligent ecology, Damei hatchback shape, 7-second zero-to-hundred acceleration, intelligent heat pump air conditioner 2.0, these make Sihao Ai Pao to re-establish a 150,000-yuan intelligent pure electric home sedanmarket value benchmark.

Yicai Comments: The new energy vehicle market is developing rapidly, with sales doubling in the first half of this year.However, competition in this market is also becoming increasingly fierce, with independent brands, joint venture brands and new car-making companies increasing their firepower.Sihao New Energy, as one of the earliest car companies to start the industrialization research and development of pure electric vehicles, has accumulated 9 generations of technologies and 4 generations of products through 16 years of iterative research and development, and has experienced the period of new energy vehicles from concept to commodity. In 2018Marrying Volkswagen into a new era of Sihao, integrating Volkswagen's car-making experience and Sihao's three-electric technology into products, it wants to occupy a place on the new energy vehicle track.The new generation of cellular battery technology carried by the new car, Sihao Love Run, has experienced three stages of technological maturity. Since 2010, it has experienced a mechanism exploration period from 2010 to 2014, an iterative development period from 2015 to 2016, and 2017.The technology curing period of ~2022 is the first industrial-grade high-specific-energy ternary battery zero thermal runaway safety technology in China.

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