This time I went to the Shanghai Auto Show and met some colleagues who chatted well on the Internet. They gave me a lot of advice. They told me that the speed of the show was too fast. They also hoped that I would do more in the futureThe show can restore the most authentic state, don't be too tight, the atmosphere is more relaxed, suddenly feel that you can try it and change the style.

Because Brother Miao has always regarded the audience as a friend, in my understanding of Brother Miao, I think you are my friend, so I have to provide you with something valuable, but every time I want something valuable, I will do itI am very tired, so I want to try something different. For example, we are chatting like friends, sharing my insights during this period of time and the knowledge of car maintenance with everyone in a more easy-going way. I don’t know everyone.Can it be accepted? If you have better suggestions, you can also put them forward.

Secondly, this Shanghai Auto Show has some interesting episodes, which I would like to share with you.Brother Meow was almost beaten at the Shanghai Auto Show.Because I had a lot of chats with the brother of the No. 66 car reviewer, this auto show was also the first time I met Ji. After that, we stayed at a hotel in Shanghai together. As a result, when I got down from the hotel and entered the elevator on the morning of the 19th,A senior who looked a little older than me, smiled at me, and after laughing, he asked me, "Are you bald?" Usually people call me Miaoge or Miao at most.Call me A bald?It seemed a little rude not to answer, and I felt a little reluctant to answer, so I gave a symbolic nod.As a result, the person directly lifted the collar of Brother Meow, as if Brother Meow was in better shape, he was a little breathless when he was picked up by the collar. I was wondering, and the person directly said: "I finally found you, do you still remember last year's Beijing Auto Show, how did you get me?" At that time, I was stunned. Although I went to the Beijing Auto Show last year, I really didn't have a conflict with others.

Fortunately, Brother Meow is well-informed. I took out my account and showed him the wrong person. Later, the old horse in the horse head man garage after breakfast told me that if I had been slapped twiceAfter a meal, it may become the biggest highlight of the first day of the auto show. The million fans of the UP master meow were beaten at the auto show.At that time, I had to have this consciousness. The big hot spot on the first day of the auto show should be Brother Meow. It is estimated that there will be nothing to do with Tesla. If this is the case, will Tesla thank me in turn and help it stop it?Big one hot, of course it's all just hypothetical.

Brother Meow has been working in the auto media for more than three years. I have communicated more with my peers. I also have some like-minded friends in this industry, but I always communicate with you with a learning attitude, and there is no such thing as aPeople are in conflict.

This time at the Shanghai Auto Show, I would like to thank the good brothers of car review No. 66 for providing me with a berth.

Thanks to the old horse at the Horsehead Garage for inviting me to dinner.

In the end, when I returned to that day, I met Brother Xiang who was talking about the car by chance, and went to Dongfeng Citroen's booth with him to have a solid lunch and a box lunch of dozens of dollars., To tell the truth, a box lunch of tens of dollars is very precious at the auto show, because there are too many people eating at the auto show, and you have to wait in line to

Finally, I would like to thank Brother Yi of Yiche for providing me with a round-trip air ticket to Shanghai, and for introducing me to Li Chao, an industry leader.

Although at the Shanghai Auto Show, Brother Meow perfectly missed the scene where the Tesla female owner climbed on the roof, and also missed the scene where Brother Meow was marked as a hot search, but he made a bunch of good brothers.The biggest harvest of the Shanghai Auto Show.