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"Keep running and keep running" - In-depth test drive Sihao love running

2022-07-30 11:49:01WeChat car

The Sihao Love Run, priced at 139,900-199,900 yuan, is an A+-class electric coupe.With a length, width and height of 4770x1820x1510 mm and a wheelbase of 2760 mm, the Sihao Love Running is equipped with the latest generation of three-in-one ultra-quiet and deeply integrated electric drive system. It has an instantaneous explosive force of 340 Nm, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time is only 7.6 seconds..It is matched with the E-type multi-link rear independent suspension carefully tuned by Volkswagen experts and Magna to achieve free-wheeling driving and high-quality ride.
The dashboard of the Sihao Love Running can display more detailed information such as instantaneous output current, current voltage and motor speed. During the test drive, after the third gear kinetic energy recovery is adjusted to the strongest setting, the Sihao Love Running can achieve a maximum of 50 kilowattsLeft and right kinetic energy recovery braking power performance.
The Sihao Love Run is equipped with the industry's highest energy density 811 ternary lithium battery, the power battery capacity is 64.5 kWh, and the comprehensive battery life is 602 kilometers under full power conditions, while the 50.1 kWh version of the power battery is an iron battery.The pure electric range is 460 kilometers under working conditions.In terms of power battery safety, the ultra-safe liquid-cooled honeycomb battery technology adopted by Sihao Airun can realize the explosion of a single cell without spreading.
At the same time, in order to solve the problem of battery life in winter, the latest generation of intelligent heat pump air conditioner + integrated thermal management valve body solution is standard for all models of Sihao Airun, which realizes the recovery and reuse of waste heat of power battery and drive motor, greatly improves thermal efficiency, and saves energy in winter.about 50%.
This also makes the Sihao Airun equipped with a large-capacity power battery like a large mobile power supply for walking, and can also achieve a reverse discharge of up to 6.6 kilowatts to meet the needs of road rescue, outdoor hot pot, and electronic music partying.
In terms of intelligent driving, the Sihao Ai Pao is the first intelligent assisted driving model that adopts the combination of Horizon Journey 2 car-grade chip and Huawei 77Ghz front-mounted millimeter-wave radar, which can realize more stable, reliable and easy-to-use L2-level intelligent assisted driving functions..
In addition, Airun also has a car KTV function, which allows you to watch movies, watch variety shows, and listen to music in the car, and also add a new leisure and entertainment item, so you can enjoy singing anytime, anywhere.
A new generation of cellular batteries, 602km long battery life, Huawei's smart ecology, Damei hatchback shape, 7-second zero-to-hundred acceleration, and intelligent heat pump air conditioner 2.0, Sihao Ai Pao will re-establish the market value benchmark of 150,000 yuan smart electric sedan.
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