There is no doubt that today's auto market belongs to SUVs and MPVs are booming, and most automakers are more willing to launch new models with this positioning to satisfy young consumers.But even if this consumer group should not be underestimated, it is still incomparable to the traditional sedan segment. In the hearts of Chinese consumers, compact sedan has an irreplaceable position, otherwise Lavida, Corolla, SylphyOr the Civic won't sell so well every month.Today, let's talk about Lavida, known as the national sedan, which just completed the mid-term facelift and went on sale not long ago.

I think everyone is not unfamiliar with Lavida, and they have experienced this model more or less. From its launch in 2008 to today, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 5 million. It is worthy of being an evergreen tree in the compact family car camp.And such a dazzling sales record is inseparable from the market reputation. New and old users are very satisfied with this 100,000-class family car. This mid-term facelift is to meet the aesthetics of more young consumers, and at the same time to ensure maturity and stabilityTherefore, the biggest highlight of the new Lavida is the double appearance.

The real model is the Star version with the latest appearance style. It is synchronized with the Passat Star version, and the details are basically the same, so it will bring a leapfrog visual effect.For example, on the front grille, you can see the dot-matrix grille with a new flat logo, with full LED light sources on both sides and headlights with lenses, and the turn signals are also upgraded to LEDs, so the visual effect after lighting is better.It is much stronger than the old model, and it is difficult to find opponents at the same level.

Of course, if you don't like the overly prominent sense of fashion, the new Lavida will continue to provide the standard version, but it has also been upgraded in detail to show a more luxurious atmosphere as much as possible.The Star Edition model can also see surprises from the side and rear of the body, such as the 17-inch whirlwind rim, the style and specification are rare in the same class.A black rear spoiler appears at the rear, and with the dual exhaust decoration embellished with chrome trim strips, the sporty atmosphere is also significantly improved.

For many young consumers, the exterior meets expectations and the interior fails to create the desired texture, which is common in ordinary sedans.Therefore, the new Lavida also puts the interior improvement in the first place. For example, when you sit in the car, you are attracted by a 12-inch suspended central control screen. With the 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, the sense of technology has reached the same level.The system has also been upgraded to Volkswagen's latest MOS 3.X smart car connection system, with CarPlay and CarLife functions, so there is no need to worry about the entertainment effect.

The improvement of functional configuration is also worthy of praise. For example, the mainstream safety functions such as active braking and full-speed adaptive cruise are not absent, as well as the full LCD instrumentation just mentioned. Young consumers can basically meet the demand for high-quality driving.In addition, there are many comfort functions such as front seat heating, multi-directional electric adjustment of the main driver's seat, ambient light, automatic zoned air conditioning, etc. It is quite advantageous and bright to compare with competing products.

The power is still the same. The familiar 1.5L+6AT combination meets the needs of consumers who are sufficient for daily travel. Fuel saving and reliability are the highlights.The 1.2T and 1.4T engines are both matched with 7-speed dual-clutch gearboxes, but the 1.4T is more recommended. The price is not too expensive, and you can get a performance experience of breaking 100 in 8 seconds. How about a joint venture car within 150,000 yuan?Who can do it?Comparable to the acceleration pleasure of the Civic.

Summary: For most consumers with a budget of about 100,000 car purchases, reliability is undoubtedly the top priority. Lavida has been sold in China for so many years, and its reputation is enough to reassure everyone.The mid-term facelift has added so many bright spots, and young friends can also experience their favorite appearance, so the benchmark for the future compact car market must be Lavida.