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The increase in the number of electric vehicles has brought great convenience to our lives, but it also hides certain hidden dangers.The behavior of car use, "establish rules" for electric vehicles, and ensure that everyone's car use is safer.

Among them, in August, there will be 5 major behaviors of electric vehicles in various places facing strict investigation, including electric vehicles, tricycles, and electric four-wheeled vehicles. I will share with you below. The majority of car owners know that some illegal vehicles are used., there will be fines and vehicle impoundment.

I. Strictly check wearing helmets

It is your responsibility to take protective measures for electric vehicles on the road. It is also a mandatory requirement. All parts of the country are required to wear helmets when riding electric vehicles to travel safely.The behavior of the car without a helmet, the car should pay attention.

Why wear a helmet? According to expert tests, wearing a helmet can reduce head collision injuries by 70%. Although electric vehicles are relatively safe means of transportation, there are not many traffic accidents. According to the data of Zhumadian in 2021, there are 24,600 electric vehicle traffic accidents in the whole year. Therefore, it is necessary to wear helmets for the purpose of protecting life.

Not only two-wheeled electric vehicles need to wear helmets, but for electric tricycles and electric four-wheeled vehicles, if they are non-enclosed models, helmets also need to be worn, and for fully enclosed vehicles, you need to wear seat belts before you can go on the road.Violations will result in demerit points and fines.

2. Strictly investigate unlicensed and unlicensed roads

Electric vehicles, which are motor vehicles, require a license and a driver's license to drive on the road. Many places have opened a strict inspection of unlicensed and unlicensed road use.Carry out a strict investigation, and once verified, the vehicle will be impounded and punished in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Law.

Remind car owners that electric vehicles, tricycles, and electric four-wheeled vehicles all need to have licenses on the road. Regarding the driver's license, the new national standard electric bicycle does not need a driver's license. The electric light motorcycle needs the D certificate, the E certificate, the F certificate, and the electric motorcycle needs the D certificate.E license, while electric tricycles require D licenses, and electric four-wheeled vehicles require Class C driver's licenses.

Three, strictly investigate the illegal installation of parasols

For the installation of parasols, many places are under treatment, especially in summer, which is the peak period for installation. After August 10, 2022, Anshun, Guizhou will start installation and renovation.Mandatory demolition and penalties for drivers.

Fourth, strictly investigate the operation of tricycles and electric four-wheelers

Electric tricycles and four-wheelers are not only means of transportation. In many places, there are stalls using these types of vehicles, which not only occupy roads, but also affect the appearance of the city. Many people have opinions, but Shangqiu, HenanIt is clear that from August 1, 2022, the behavior of electric tricycles and electric four-wheeled vehicles that run out of stores and occupy roads will be completely banned, and businesses that refuse to rectify will be severely punished and punished.

The purpose of setting up stalls is to make a living. Everyone can understand this, but people hate the use of electric tricycles and electric four-wheeled vehicles to occupy the road., it's long overdue.

V. Strictly investigate illegal parking and charging

The "Fuzhou Property Community Electric Bicycle Fire Safety Comprehensive Management Work Plan" was officially formulated. From August, a special rectification of electric vehicle fire safety will be carried out, mainly aiming at the high safety hazards of illegal parking and illegal charging of electric vehicles, especiallyIt is the behavior of flying line charging and electric bicycles entering the home, and the source of the fire is to eliminate the risk of fire caused by electric vehicles.

The above are the 5 major investigations that will be carried out in many places across the country starting in August. Even if your place is not mentioned above, for car owners, don't take chances. These behaviors are actuallyIn many places, it has been activated, be careful to be fined and impounded.

For the above five major behavioral governance, it is mainly managed from two aspects. The first is "normative", strict inspection of unlicensed and unlicensed roads, strict inspection of illegal parking and charging, strict inspection of operating tricycles, electric four-wheelers, is to ensure that the vehicle has rules and regulations, and the second aspect is "safety protection", from the strict inspection of wearing helmets to the strict inspection of installing parasols, all start from the safety of driving on the road to reduce potential safety hazards.

In short, the investigation and punishment of electric vehicles, tricycles, and electric four-wheeled vehicles are all to better protect the safety of vehicle owners and maintain road traffic order. As a vehicle owner, you must actively cooperate, abide by the traffic rules, and do: wear a helmet on the road, with licenses and driving licenses, do not use electric tricycles, four-wheeled vehicles to occupy the road, do not install parasols, do not illegally park and charge, and make their own contributions to safety.

What do you think about the 5 major behaviors of the strict investigation, or what other behaviors you think need to be strictly investigated, you are welcome to comment and exchange.