In the current domestic auto market, the market reaction of Korean car brands has declined very sharply. Whether it is Hyundai or Kia, eight or nine years ago, they were the representatives of the appearance in the market. Who knows that the situation is unpredictable.Under the influence of different environments and various factors, Korean brands have also achieved a shaky market position today. However, for car companies, as long as there is a chance of survival, they will not completely give up the huge and attractive cake of China.No matter how ugly the performance is, when it comes to the replacement of the car models, they are not ambiguous at all.

Today, the new generation of Kia SPORTAGE has been replaced and will go on sale in China in the third quarter. The new car is actually the successor of the current Kia KX5. What surprises will the updated Kia SPORTAGE bring us?Let's take a look together.

In terms of exterior design, the new Kia SPORTAGE has a more aggressive design style. The area of ​​the air intake grille on the front face should not be underestimated. It is rectangular in shape and occupies almost the entire front of the car.The inner grille has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the layers of scales bring a certain impact to the vision. There is a silver chrome decoration in the middle of the grille, which adds a refined temperament. Of course, the daytime driving shapes on both sides are even more memorable.The profound, broken line-like design is full of personality and strong recognizability.

From the side, the lines of the new car are mainly straight, but the lines are sharp and deep, which makes the whole car feel strong and powerful.The style is smooth and simple, but without losing momentum.As for the rear, the rears on both sides are similar to the diamond-shaped design, and the blackening technique is practical, and the area surrounded by the lower part is also very large, which can even be described as exaggeration. For SUV models, this type of design of new cars is rare..

Turning to the interior, compared with the aggressive appearance, the interior design is relatively low-key. The penetrating large screen is a design that consumers will be accustomed to. The overall design of the central control is relatively simple and practical.There are no other bells and whistles. As for the configuration, no detailed information has been exposed, but it should at least be more trendy.

Let's talk about power, the new Kia SPORTAGE will launch a variety of models this time, including 1.6T gasoline version, 2.0T diesel version, and there will be hybrids, the diesel version is unlikely to appear in China., other power versions may be listed in China, let's look forward to it together.