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The former Hongqi H5 is on sale at a low price, and the new Hongqi H5 may not be able to climb high

2022-07-30 12:31:59Shujin Media

Hongqi is a brand in the hearts of the Chinese people, needless to say. If only one luxury brand exists in its own brand, Hongqi should bethat one.After some market-oriented exploration, Hongqi has gradually improved in the civilian automobile market.Many impressive new models have been launched, and the H9 is the most representative of them.But today our focus is not to talk about H9, but its little brother H5.


H5 has always been responsible for the sales of the Hongqi brand, and it seems to be very powerful, but visiting the terminal market can find that the sales of H5Basically get the reserve price in exchange.In some auto trade stores, it is common for Hongqi H5 to give 30,000 to 50,000 profits.And it is often sold as a "package brand" model together with Buick Yinglang and Chevrolet Cruze.It's not uncommon to say "618 yuan, 1888 yuan with a down payment and pick up the car home". Such a terminal sales scene is very fatal to luxury brands, and it is easy to leave people with a cheap look and feel.


The reason for this result is very simple, because the previous generation of Hongqi H5 does not feel "luxury", and the overall product performance is notIn line with its pricing, discounts are inevitable.However, this phenomenon may change from now on. The launch of a new generation of Hongqi H5, 159,800-225,800 yuan, makes H5 have a price that does not forget to "go to the people" and regain its own luxury standard.


The most important reason for its return to the luxury standard is that the Hongqi H5 looks like a luxury sedan this time.The new Hongqi H5 draws on a lot of design elements of the H9. The almost vertical vertical grille and the central rib line of the cover are integrated with the Hongqi logo. If the details are not pursued, it is a reduced version of the H9.H5 uses this set of appearance design, even if there are some shortcomings in other aspects, the huge advantage in appearance can make it unique in its own market.


In order to let everyone understand the advantages of this design, I will share with you a "market situation".We all know that the price of H9 is the cheapest among BBA's models of the same size, with a gap of at least 100,000 yuan.In the wedding market, the car price of Hongqi H9 is about 2,000 yuan, the cost of the new Audi A6L is about 1,000 yuan, and the cost of Mercedes-Benz E-class is generally several hundred yuan higher than that of A6L.Why is H9 so much higher?Do wedding vehicles need to look at ride quality and powertrain?Think about it, what else could be the reason?


It is obvious that the Hongqi H5 has the endorsement of this family-style design, and the sales are already partially guaranteed.As for the interior design, the new Hongqi H5 has also undergone major changes, but we will not discuss this with you in detail. In short, from the current situation, the design and color matching are the mainstream luxury standards.What's more surprising about this time is that the Hongqi H5 has launched three sets of powertrain models.


They are 1.5T+7-speed dual clutch, 2.0T+8-speed manual, and 1.5THEV.1.5T follows the previous generation, and the data remains unchanged.The new 2.0T model has a maximum of 224 horsepower and a peak torque of 340 Nm.Compared with the previous generation 1.8T combination, this assembly has not decreased the fuel economy while improving the power data, maintaining the same level as the previous generation.


The 1.5T hybrid version is a key point, which should be the first HEV model launched by Hongqi and the first hybridmodel.Briefly talk about the data of this car, 1.5T, 169 horsepower, 0-000 acceleration in 8 seconds, and comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.1L/100km.Hongqi is a brand with a strange way of playing. It comes out with pure electric models first, then hybrid models, and the hybrid models are first arranged in their own entry-level models.


However, this also has its advantages. Generally speaking, the lower the price of automobile products, the more sensitive consumers are to the cost of their cars.of.As an entry-level model, the model with only pure gasoline version will definitely lose a large part of consumers.After all, in the current era of HEV\EV\PHEV products running on the streets, no matter how outstanding the design is, there is no room for Zhou Xuan to use the cost. Even if consumers are willing to vote for you, the vote of the wallet is the real deal, which is the most uncomfortable.From this point of view, it is necessary and necessary to launch the Hongqi H5 HEV.


The new generation of Hongqi H5 is also equipped with many new functions, such as the self-developed "Qiqi 1.0" cockpit system, SACC advanced cruise system,Officials claim as many as 30 vibration and noise reduction technologies.We haven't been able to discuss these with you in detail at present, and we will share them with you after we have the opportunity to test drive them in depth in the future.In short, judging from the information already available, this time Hongqi’s actions against H5 are effective.This makes me more willing to call the Hongqi H5 this time the real "origin model". I believe that from the beginning of this generation of H5, it will no longer appear in the showroom of 618 yuan/1888 yuan to pick up the car and go home.

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