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Kia's lion platinum expands the world, reminds me of the Yihao Lushen many years ago

2022-07-30 13:22:29Driver's Party

On July 28, Kia officially debuted the fifth-generation Sportage in the Chinese auto market. Friends may be a little unfamiliar with this English name, but we only need to know that Kia Sportage has many names in the past, such as Sportage,Smart running, KX5, you can know what it is.

Yes, this time Kia has changed its name again. The fifth-generation Sportage is called "Lion Platinum Extension".

This is a very rare naming scheme.We generally only see four-character names on brand names, such as Lexus, Genesis, Infiniti, Chrysler, and so on.Because the brand name will be mentioned repeatedly, it is not easy to confuse it with other homophonic sounds.

However, in the naming of models, four-character ones are really rare, because most of the catchy names are two or three characters, and the more difficult ones are Camry, Corolla... This kind of direct transliteration name, everyonealso remembered.The car names of most joint venture cars will be honest, such as Elantra, Accord, and Teana.

I rummaged in my head for a long time, thinking for a long time whether there was a four-character car name, and finally came up with one or two.

One ​​is Jeep's Grand Cherokee and Grand Commander. The former entered the Chinese car market relatively early, and there were not many car names at that time, and this car was "touchable".High-end, so everyone will remember this car.The latter is a combination of "big" and "commander", which is normal to remember.

There is another one that everyone can't remember: Yihao Lushen.

Although this car has been discontinued and has no descendants, everyone is familiar with this Mitsubishi performance car, but few people can remember the Chinese name.

In fact, the English name of this car is also very difficult to speak, so Chinese and foreign car fans directly simplified its name to: EVO in order to keep it simple and easy to remember.

By the way, Southeast Mitsubishi also felt that the name was not very reliable, so the name used on the normal version of the model was: Yishen.


The long name that bothers me the most is Toyota's new pure electric vehicle, the bZ4X.I repeatedly struggled back and forth between "b4ZX" and "BZ4X", and later found out that both writings are wrong, the correct spelling is bZ4X - "b" is lowercase.

But I'm a car reviewer, I can't help it, I have to remember the name, I checked the source of the name Toyota bZ4X, oh, so "bZ" means "beyond ZERO", then "bZ4X" isA combination of "beyond ZERO No. 4 crossover (X)".

When I complained about the name to someone at Toyota, she sent me a message that I still don't know how to respond to:

"Then how did you remember the name Land Cruiser?"


So, my friend, what do you think of the name "Kia Lions Platinum", like the Grand Cherokee?Or like Yihao Lushen?Or like bZ4X?

Back to the new generation of Kia Lions, it is obvious that "Sportage" is also transliterated from the name "Sportage", you can see how the KoreansIf you read this word, you will know that the pronunciation of "Lion Bo Tuojie" can't be more suitable for them.

This car has been launched and launched in many countries. In the US auto market in June, Lion Platinum has made 14,000 units. We don't have to worry about the strangeness caused by this name. After all, you seeThis look, trust me, you'll recognize it on the road.

In terms of hardware specifications, the overseas Kia Lion Platinum has many power specifications. Taking the European market as an example, the main ones are 1.6T gasoline engine and diesel engine (two kinds).



The gasoline engine and diesel engine are also compatible with 48V mild hybrid (four types), matching DCT dual clutch transmission.

1.6T hybrid has a maximum output of 226 horsepower, and the acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph is only 7.7 seconds (five types)

The 1.6T plug-in hybrid has a maximum output of 261 horsepower and a pure electric range of 35 miles.

There are also various MT and AT gearboxes, as well as a combination of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

As ​​for the Chinese market, Kia is likely to use a more localized powertrain in the Shibotuo world, such as 1.5T+7DCT, or a 2.0L hybrid combination.Energy models are also likely to use larger battery packs.In the third quarter, Kia Lion Platinum will officially release the pre-sale price, we will wait and see when that happens.



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