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FAW-Volkswagen's all-new Sagitar and Bora Costco are open!Privileges open

2022-07-30 16:23:41private car detective

On July 29th, "Family has a good market coming soon! - FAW-Volkswagen Northeast District Sagitar and Bora Double Car Listing Meeting" was successfully held in Dalian, Liaoning Province, from FAW-Volkswagen Northeast DistrictA number of well-known auto media and FAW-Volkswagen loyal car owners gathered together to witness the new style of the "national family sedan duo".

After having a good time at the Discovery Kingdom theme park in Dalian, the guests gathered at the listing meeting.The two micro-movies at the beginning of the development of the two-car, awakened the exclusive memories of the two media teachers about Bora and Sagitar.Before they took the stage, they shared with everyone the heartwarming scenes they experienced with Bora and Sagitar, and their sincere expressions moved the audience.For more than 20 years, the combination of Bora and Sagitar, the "national family car duo", has won the favor and recognition of more than 7 million car owners with its exquisite car-making craftsmanship and leading innovative technology, and has accompanied countless struggling young people to develop their own.ideal life.

As Mr. Li Yunxiang, general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Northeast Sales Department, said in his speech, it is FAW that accompanies countless families to develop a happy life and provides high-quality car experience beyond value.-The original intention and vision of the public.The refurbishment of Bora and Sagitar this time has further strengthened their national positioning, and will continue to serve everyone with a new look and superior quality to open a better car life.

The all-new Bora has been fully upgraded. All models of the series use Volkswagen's new generation EA211 series all-aluminum turbocharged engine. While ensuring high power output, fuel economy has also been improved.At the same time, it has achieved substantial upgrades in appearance, interior configuration, intelligent safety, etc., with the newly integrated Volkswagen Group's latest IQ.

The new Sagitar, which has been heavily refurbished this time, adopts the "vast interstellar" design concept in appearance, which is both avant-garde, dynamic and futuristic. At the same time, the cockpit layout adopts a new semiThe suspended interior design realizes the perfect integration of style and comfort, and simultaneously integrates a number of intelligent and convenient technologies including IQ..

The summer night is restless and the mood is transpiring. In the surging sound waves of the DTM electronic music festival, the guests at the scene harvested a fun carnival that detonated the summer.The classics are renewed and breakthroughs are not made. The new Sagitar and Bora will continue to convey the concept of a better life, explore the experience of smart travel, and open up an ideal future that is more worth looking forward to.

The new Bora and Sagitar, which have leapfrogged and rejuvenated, are still firm in their price-friendly line. At this conference, the new Bora launched a total of 5 models, priced at 112,900 yuan to 141,900 yuan; the new Sagitar launched a total of 7 models.models, priced from 127,900 yuan to 172,900 yuan.

At the same time, in order to give back to the support of the majority of car owners and friends, go to any 4S store of FAW-Volkswagen Heiji Liaomeng on August 13-14, buy the new Sagitar and the new Bora models, and you can participate in the event of sharing 100 tons of oil.Let's go!

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