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BMW 3 officially announced, with 2.0t engine,

2022-08-06 05:03:12Oriental Information Automobile

We know that BMW has been updating its products since last year!Of course, like Mercedes-Benz, it starts from a high-level series, such as BMW's X7 and BMW's 7 Series!Some time ago, the new generation of the 5 Series was officially announced. The super aggressive appearance and luxurious interior did bring us more experience.Recently, the BMW 3, which netizens are most looking forward to, has also been officially announced in a silent manner.The BMW designers have made a comprehensive adjustment to the exterior and interior of the car.Let's look at the front first, because it adopts the layout of soul red, so its middle grille adopts the layout of black piano paint, the iconic double kidney grille has been flattened again, and the internal grille has also changed.Gotta be more angular!The traditional tear-eye headlights have also been replaced with a design that is synchronized with the 7 series. Because of the addition of the charm blue light source, the effect after lighting has become more sharp!

Because this car is an overseas standard version, it is closer to the golden ratio of BMW's flagship.The outline of the whole person is basically unchanged.If you have to look for it, then this penetrating waistline also forms a certain arc with the body.The new car is also equipped with privacy glass.The wheels below have also been replaced with sporty shapes, especially with the blessing of the black wheels, the overall effect is still very obvious!

At the rear of the car, we can see that although the taillight group at the rear has not changed much, the shape of the taillight group is slightly three-dimensional.This is mainly because the tail adopts an inline layout.The double L-shaped taillights still inherit the classics, but perhaps because of the layout of the rear of the car, the shape of the taillights is also slightly flatter!The rear enclosure of the new car has undergone significant changes, with stronger combat effectiveness!

Going inside, we see that this car is in sync with the 7 Series!The shape of the conjoined screen still shows a very strong momentum, and the performance of the size is also huge. It adopts a narrow frame, and the performance from the sense of technology and the sense of grade is very good.The interior of the car also looks more compact!The carbon fiber panel decoration on the central control bridge shows a sporty style, but the lever-type gear lever is a bit ordinary.

The whole car is equipped with bucket seats, which is obviously complicated from the whole design style, and while retaining the sense of movement, it also ensures the comfort of the whole car.Finally, in terms of power, the overseas version is equipped with a 2.0T engine and a hybrid system, and also provides a 3.0T engine with an 8-speed manual gearbox to choose from.The new car has been officially announced, what do you think of this car?

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