When we use the automatic cleaning equipment of the truck chassis, the water jet is usually cut, and the normal pressure is usually within 500bar, which is far below the safe value range.Therefore, as long as it is operated accurately, there will be no safety accident at all, and there are many fields of application of the pressure scale of the automatic truck chassis cleaning equipment.

But you must know that high-pressure water jet cutting mainly relies on pressure and kinetic energy to complete the cutting of materials. It has been proved by many practices that when the water pressure exceeds a certain value, even pure water will cut some sensitive chemicals.Detonation, and sandy water cutting because the water is rich in abrasive sand, the impact force of the sand and the collision of objects, of course, a large amount of energy will also occur, which will easily lead to the instability of special chemicals.

After a lot of practical tests, the test shows that this value is about 2376bar.Therefore, in the high-pressure water jet cutting industry, we must study the parameters of high-pressure water jet cutting above 2000bar, and its main application area is in the machining industry.

It can be seen from this that different pressure values ​​of truck chassis automatic cleaning equipment correspond to different fields of use.In specific use, it is necessary to select different cleaning targets according to different pressure values, which is a scientific and safe working method, and can also make the value of the high pressure washer fully play.

After the above introduction, I have a basic understanding of the connection between the pressure of the automatic cleaning equipment for truck chassis and the water cutting skills. Using this relationship, not only can the pressure of the equipment be controlled very well, but also the water cutting skills can be exerted.to the extreme.