The latest interior of Xpeng's flagship SUV model G9 has appeared.According to previously released news, the car will open for reservations on August 10 and will be officially launched in September.Judging from the interior spy photos exposed this time, similar to the ideal L9, the Xiaopeng G9 is also equipped with a large-sized integrated screen. This screen runs through the center control and the co-pilot side. From the interface point of view, the new car will also be equipped with Xmart OSThe 4.0 UI operating system is expected to have better performance in terms of fluency and ease of use.

But unlike the ideal L9, the Xiaopeng G9 does not cancel the LCD instrument panel, but the instrument panel is not connected to the central control screen, but exists independently.

The interior spy photos of Xiaopeng G9 are not the first exposure. Judging from the previous pictures, it should be equipped with a guard lever, with two wireless mobile phone charging modules, two cup holders, and the armrest area usesThe hollow design can expand the storage space in the front row.

It is worth mentioning that the door panels of the new car are covered with leather, and the metal horn mask has a good texture, which is expected to have a strong sense of refinement and luxury.

Xpeng G9 debuted in November last year. It belongs to Xpeng's current flagship product and uses the iconic X Robot face. However, the designer has carried out a unique design on the G9, so it is different from the P7, P5, etc.Models are clearly differentiated.

Thanks to its full-stack self-developed capabilities, Xiaopeng Motors took the lead in adopting the X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture on the G9, achieving deep integration of hardware and software.

The new car adopts a high-integration hardware architecture of central supercomputing + regional control, which can be equipped with higher-performance chips, and achieves the concentration of computing power to support more advanced automatic driving and more powerful intelligent functions such as smart cockpits. G9 alsoTherefore, it became the first mass-produced car equipped with XPILOT 4.0 function.

Xpeng G9 integrates the latest technology of Xiaopeng Motors, and many functions are very important, such as super fast charging. G9 adopts the 800V high-voltage SIC platform on the vehicle side, supports 480 kW high-power supercharge, and can achieve 5 minutesRecharge performance for more than 200 kilometers of charging.