With the opening of the multiple-child policy, many families have welcomed a second or third child. For a multi-family family, Family sedan models obviously bring a lot of inconvenience to the travel of the whole family.In order to travel more comfortably, many consumers will prefer MPV models when choosing family cars.In recent years, many car companies have launched their own MPV models, as aboveAutomobile RoeweThe first RoeweiMAX8 has won praise from many consumers.Now SAIC Roewe has launched2022 RoeweiMAX8, the configuration has been upgraded, let us find out how the new car performs.

In terms of appearance design, compared with the 2021 Roewe iMAX8, the appearance design of the new car has not changed much, and more details have been added.For example, the "Jifeng Blue" paint, which is the same as the new Roewe RX5 PLUS, has been launched, which makes the Roewe iMAX8 more refreshing in visual effects.In addition, the front center grille follows the current model's wingspan design, but adds a bright silver design, which looks extremely eye-catching, compared to the sturdy chrome trim.For more imposing.

In terms of interior, the 2022 Roewe iMAX8 adopts an embracing cockpit design, equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD virtual instrument panel and a 12.3-inch full IPS high-definition suspension touchControl screen, equipped with Zebra Smart TravelVENUS system, and D-MARK (DigitalMark) The small red frame AR-driving virtual safety display makes it more convenient for consumers to control during driving.

Roewe iMAX8, as the first model of SAIC Intelligent Global Modular Architecture SIGMA architecture, also incorporates a more humanized design in the most important comfort attribute of MPV.The 385mm ultra-low platform specially designed for the convenience of the elderly and children to get on and off the bus, the second and third rows of seats that can be flexibly moved according to the actual use situation, long-distance alsospan>Easy 10-layer composite structure first-class seats, luxury car standard ultra-quiet cockpit, one-button smart anti-pinch powerSliding doorand induction electric tailgate and other configurations further improve the user's travel comfort.

In terms of power, the new car is still equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 234 horsepower and a peak torque of 360 Nm.letter 8-speed gearbox.The chassis uses the front microphoneFoSon and rear multi-link suspension, is the suspension combination commonly used in this class of vehicles.

Generally speaking, the performance of the 2022 Roewe iMAX8 is still very good. At present, the official guide price of the Roewe iMAX8 is around 188,800~253,800 yuan.Give it a try.