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Ningde era, vice chairman of the board of directors, the market near "shi-lin huang the concept"

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前两天,一位80old american lady,把AGet dusty.Countless funds are fascinated by flying dust,慌乱逃窜.结果就是,In addition to military industry shares most of the shares,Line up for high diving in various poses.

不过,There are also some positive hard just sporadic species selection,Going out is not as strong as the military industry,But it is also relatively independent.比如星云股份(300648.SZ),8月2日(本周二),What good it seemed to be met,跳空高开,封死20%涨停板.

有人可能会问,You are a media that claims to be concerned about the electric vehicle industry,To play the ash,recommended stock?


首先,星云股份的主营业务,not beyond the scope of this study.在年报中,It mentions that its main business includes:Lithium ion battery related equipment and product sales、检测服务、Various services such as charging operation services.

其次,也是更重要的,星云股份The company's rise logic is worth pondering:which not only involves宁德时代,More involved just announcing his resignation,The fortune of over 100 billion yuan宁德时代副董事长、The future of Deputy General Manager Huang Shilin.

A start-up sparked the boom

In the view of some stock market funds,星云股份逆势上涨,Since it holds a company10%的股权.

This company is Fujian Times Nebula Technology Co., Ltd.(以下简称“时代星云”).

时代星云2019年02月成立,The main business includes optical storage, charging and inspection intelligent power station、Smart home storage system、Large power energy storage portable mobile power storage and inspection cabinet、Solutions such as mobile power carts.

shareholder background,它由星云股份宁德时代、Natural person Shi Zhengping and Fujian Hezhiyicen Investment Partnership(有限合伙)(Referred to as "chi yi cen)四方出资设立.(注:He Zhiyi Cen is星云股份Four controlling shareholders、Li Youcai, acting in concert、Jiang Meizhu、汤平、A limited partnership established jointly by Liu Zuobin.)

其中,宁德时代出资2,000万元,占比20%;星云股份认缴出资额1,000万元,占比10%;自然人石正平出资5,500万元,占全部注册资本的55%;Funded by He Zhiyi Cen1,500万元,占全部注册资本的15%.

At first glance, Times Nebula still looks like a start-up company.《超源力》查阅星云股份Financial reports for the past three years,时代星云2019-2021Income has grown rapidly in the past three years,分别为2144万元、4243万元、1.03亿元,复合增长率219%;However, the net profit is still at a loss,分别为-280万元、-1411万元、 -979万元.

看到这里,很多人可能会有疑问,such financial data,Who is a70Is the listed company with a market value of more than 100 million the daily limit for this??再说了,Shares are2019年就有的,Why is it going up now?

这,I have to talk about the big guy Huang Shilin“职业规划”了.

The big guy jumps into the new blue ocean

在《Management advance and retreat,宁德时代的图谋》中,《超源力》了解到,Huang Shilin will be in“光储充检”Explore business opportunities in emerging fields,May form strategic synergy with the company in the future,共同推动新能源产业的发展.


“光储充”,The corresponding is three most integrated charging stations——光伏发电、储能电池、充电桩.它的工作流程是:Photovoltaics store light in energy storage batteries,Wait until it's time for electricity,The energy storage battery supplies power to the charging pile,The core is make full use of solar energy the clean energy.而“光储充检”的“检”,就是在“光储充”的基础上,Incorporates battery testing and evaluation.

For example, the official website of Times Nebula mentioned,own charging station through the energy management system,Can cooperate with the grid、可再生能源、Energy storage system with charging infrastructure,form an intelligent microgrid system.This system will be suitable for renewable energy generation、Grid expansion capacity、充电站建设、Electric vehicle battery testing、应急备电、V2X等多种应用场景.

“光储充检”How do the imagination of the?This has to mention a grand background——能源转型.

众所周知,domestically2030年实现碳达峰,2060年前实现碳中和,为了实现这两个目标,There will be astronomical investments in the future.

According to a joint publication by the World Economic Forum and Oliver Wyman《Addressing China's Climate Challenge:Financing the Transformation,实现净零未来》报告:为实现碳中和目标,从2020年到2060年,China is expected to、钢铁、交通、The green building and real estate industry financing amount is about140万亿元,Also, the average annual funding requirement exceeds3.5万亿元.你没看错,The unit is trillion.

花这么多钱,如何实现碳中和?one of the important paths,is to increase the use of clean energy.对中国而言,Is to make such as wind、The proportion of non-fossil energy sources such as light energy,从现在的17%提高到80%.

在这个路径下,Many tracks can fully benefit.Take photovoltaics as an example,按照规划,Photovoltaic installations at the moment3亿千瓦,到2050年要达到50亿千瓦,30年翻16倍.Estimated by industry experts,Photovoltaic (pv) every now1100 million kilowatts investment,大概在4000亿,要实现2050年的目标,还会带动18Trillions of new investment!In addition to photovoltaics,like wind power、储能等领域,到2050Annual market increment,are at least trillions.

巴菲特说:“人生就像滚雪球,most important thing,is to find wet snow and long slopes.”长长的坡,It refers to the huge space for the development of the industry in which the company is located,The ceiling for enterprise development is far from coming;And thick snow,The good business model refers to the industry,Participate in the players make money easier.

Whether the snow is thick remains to be verified,But Huang Shilin cut in,It's a really wide track.

现在问题来了,切入“光储充检”Huang Shilin,Which company will be used for strategy implementation?

多位业内人士向《超源力》证实,这家公司,正是上文提到的“时代星云”,Huang Shilin is currently the chairman of the company.And from the largest shareholder of Times Nebula(持股40%)、总经理、The legal person is Shi Zhengping,我们可以推测,两人关系密切.

It's the answer why星云股份can rise against the trend:In the view of some stock market funds,Huang Shilin's in-depth intervention,会让星云股份holding this10%时代星云股份,Facing significant value added.


那么?The bosses work seriously on Times Nebula,星云股份Should it go up??


A private equity deal director told《超源力》,Assuming that Huang Shilin's operations are in place,Achieve the market value of Times Nebula1000亿元,那么星云股份持有10%,就值100亿.考虑到现在星云股份市值只有70亿元,And at historical lows without too many bubbles,Then with the help of age nebula powerful growth expectations,It is not ruled out that there are funds to initiate speculation.

但他强调,The persistence of the hype is worth discussing.“首先,This is a matter of mathematical expectation of probability theory”,他认为,Stand in the perspective of mathematical expectation,Whether the Times Nebula can be made is uncertain.Assume that the probability of the future enterprise being completed is30%,If the market is more rational,Then there is room for rational speculation in the market,也不过是100*30%=30亿元.

当然,It also said,If the follow-up market warms up,There are too many active funds in the market that dare to participate,or unexpected information,It is not ruled out that funds will continue to hold high.“短期,you treat him like a chip game,Like Zhongtong Bus, which has skyrocketed recently,7月销量还不到500辆,But up5倍”.

Another investor told《超源力》,星云股份上涨,The greater significance is to tell the market where Huang Shilin may go,and future business ideas.This may point out some directions for some investment institutions.

另一方面,The investor also talked about,星云股份Can also partly in response to some negative speculation about shi-lin huang departure.毕竟宁德时代Also holds the Times Nebula20%的股份,And supply lithium iron phosphate batteries to Times Nebula.

“for those holding星云股份institutions and shareholders,If yellow boss can do age nebula's success,是最好的结果.”

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