At the beginning of August, BYD received a lot of good news. First, BYD cooperated with Hedin Mobility, a leading European dealer group, to sell new energy vehicles in Germany and Sweden., representing the entry of Chinese automobiles into the world's auto industry powerhouse; BYD Semiconductor was included in the list of "50 Smart Companies" (MIT TR50) released by MIT Technology Review; on August 3, the world-famous FortuneThe world's top 500 list was released globally, and BYD entered the list with a score of 436.And just yesterday, BYD announced that its passenger car sales in July were 162,530, which has exceeded the monthly sales mark of 100,000 for five consecutive months.

In July, the monthly sales of BYD's Song family and Qin family models both exceeded 30,000, while the monthly sales of the Han family, Dolphin, and Yuan PLUS all exceeded 20,000, and the Tang family's monthly sales exceeded 10,000.Each model went hand in hand and made a unified effort, and BYD's sales reached a new high.

The new energy vehicles provided by BYD to users are divided into two types: plug-in hybrid and pure electric. The plug-in hybrid model has now entered the fourth generation of technology.Users provide super fuel-efficient, super intelligent DM-i hybrids and super-powerful, super luxurious DM-p models. DM-i hybrids solve the fuel consumption problem that users are most concerned about, greatly reduce users' daily car costs, andBecause of its super smooth and super acceleration experience, users will not choose the same level of fuel vehicles after the test drive, and become a subversive of fuel vehicles.The pure electric model uses blade battery, pure electric 3.0 technology platform, and heat pump air conditioning system as subversive technologies, taking into account the needs of pure electric super power and low energy consumption, and at the same time, the family-style shape integrates traditional Chinese aesthetics.Has super high looks.

In addition to the above benefits, BYD Seals will also deliver vehicles to users in August, and there will be many blockbuster models to meet with consumers in the second half of the year, which will help BYD passenger car sales continue to rise.