2022 is a year of explosive growth of new energy vehicles in China, which also brings a boom in new energy MPVs.The previous ones like Lantu Dreamer and Denshi D9 have already been listed or pre-sold, and now Ji Krypton 009 is also here.

Last night, the official image of ZEEKR 009, the first MPV model of Geely's Jikr brand, was exposed, which is also the second model of the Jikr brand.

The new car is based on the vast architecture of Geely SEA, and is positioned as a medium-to-large MPV in new energy. It will be released within this year.The NEDC pure electric cruising range may exceed 700 kilometers.Extreme Krypton 009 has two major selling points, this one is its very large size, which will be its advantage.The second point is that its design is very special.

According to the officially announced size, the length, width and height of Jikr 009 are 5209x2024x1856mm, and the wheelbase is 3205mm, which is a large size in the current medium and large MPV.On the other hand, the main competitor Denza D9 adopts the e-platform 3.0 technology. The dimensions of the vehicle are 5250x1960x1920mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 3110mm.

The future competitors of Jikr 009 will target the Denza D9. One side is Geely's high-end Jikr, and the other side is BYD's Denza. How would you choose?

But first of all, I am surprised by the pricing. The MPV prices of this wave of new energy vehicles are very high, completely surpassing the traditional vehicle Toyota Senna and Buick.GL8, of course, we understand that the cost of new energy is much higher.But who would pay for such an expensive domestic MPV?

The pre-sale price of Denza D9, DM-i super hybrid and pure electric has a total of 6 configuration versions, and the pre-sale price is 335,000 yuan to 460,000 yuan.There is also a Founding Edition limited to 99 units, with a pre-sale price of 660,000 yuan.I believe that the price of Extreme Krypton 009 will not be cheap.

However, Denza officially announced that since the pre-sale for 2 months, the order volume has exceeded 30,000 units, which shows the market's attention to it.I am also surprised by this. Although Denza is a high-end joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz, it has never been successful. Will Denza D9 make it soar into the sky?

Let's say Huiji Krypton 009, compared to its performance, I am a little worried about its design now.

Extreme Krypton is a young brand. Its brand positioning and design are liked by many young people like Lynk & Co, but this alternative design may not be available.Middle-aged recognition.

The question is, who will sell medium and large MPVs to young people?Young people who like extreme krypton may not be married yet.

However, I admit that the design of Extreme Krypton 001 is very successful, and even any age group can accept it.And the front face design of the new Extreme Krypton 009 is not fully exposed. I wonder if this front face that looks like a Rolls-Royce will be accepted by everyone?

The problem comes again. If the style of 009 is very different from 001, it is not a good thing for brand positioning.

So I'm a little worried that the Krypton 009 will encounter design problems like the Lynk & Co 09.Lynk & Co 09 is positioned as a 7-seat SUV, but it has an alternative front face that is unacceptable to mature people.Will Ji Krypton 009 encounter the same problem?

But no matter what, Chinese brands have really made great progress, especially in new energy vehicle manufacturing.I also hope that this wave of high-level car manufacturing, even if the price is slightly higher, can be accepted by the market.