Recently, Extreme Krypton announced the main body size parameters of ZEEKR 009, as well as more design lines and details.As the world's first pure electric luxury MPV, the ZEEKR 009 has a wheelbase of 3205 mm, measurements of 5209 × 2024 × 1856 mm, and an axle-to-length ratio of 61.53%, giving it a spacious interior space.

In terms of appearance, ZEEKR 009's side lines are simple and elegant, and the B, C, and D pillars are all hidden, creating a fully suspended roof that is rare in MPV model design.The front face is based on the design language of the ZEEKR concept car, using 154 LED light sources, of which the "light trail" design concept of the daytime running lights has significant visual characteristics.The LED taillight has a total of 402 LED light sources, which are the absolute visual center of gravity of the rear of the ZEEKR 009. After lighting, it echoes the front face and is highly recognizable.

At present, the luxury MPV market is basically dominated by Toyota Erffa and Lexus LM, but both products have encountered a crisis of word of mouth recently, which undoubtedly gave ZEEKR 009 a chance to play a big role.And as a pure electric luxury MPV, the intelligence and quietness of ZEEKR 009 have natural advantages, which are worth looking forward to.