近年来,随着SUV市场增速减缓,以及二胎政策的放开,越来越多的车企开始将目光转向MPVThis piece of blue ocean market.不过,由于先入为主的原因,MPVThe market has been a buickGL8、Odyssey partial high-end business models such as the world,Below the level ofMPVModels can say very rare.Geely is aimed at a segment business opportunities,推出了首款MPV车型——嘉际,Although the body size slightly smaller thanGL8,But space performance but unequivocally,And the configuration and function is very rich.那么,As geely impactMPV市场的排头兵,Jia international is going to be able to do that occupy the home as a travel,本期《日常实用性测试报告》将为您解答.

测试车辆:2019款吉利嘉际1.5TD MHEV DCT臻享型,官方指导价格:14.88万元.


Geely jia international keyless enter the system in addition to the1.8TMinimum distribution models need outside options,The rest of the models are standard,这一点值得表扬.实际操作后,Drivers need to carry your car keys,Palm plug door lock handle should be turned in to the can,At the same time also can click on the induction area just behind the hand.This function only in front of the support on both sides of the door,The back door is not equipped with,值得注意的是,The whole process can't too fast,Identifying sensitivity in general.

Rearview mirror adjustment in the form of a knob,The driver is located in the main window lift the front.调节后视镜时,Need to rotating the knob to want to adjust the rear view mirror,随即360°Turn the knob to adjust the location,整个操作过程中,Knob damping feeling strong,Does not appear caton phenomenon.

Engine hatch open switch located at the front of the main driving below,Start the engine hatch just pull the handle at a time,Then engine front end switches,The direct approach hood can be.Engine hatch using single pole manual support,At the same level is common.


此次试驾车型为1.5T顶配车型,所以主/Vice chair adopt electric adjustment,And the main driving seat height adjustment function more than the passenger,同时,This model is equipped with only the front seat ventilation/Heating and two seat memory configuration.

在主驾驶座椅测试中,Geely jia international driver's seat of the distance between the front and the end of23cm,Seat trip is long,可以满足大多数驾驶者.

多功能方向盘支持上下+前后四向手动调节,上下可调节角度为5.9°,前后拉伸距离为4.5cm,Adjustable amplitude is relatively general.

The test drive vehicles using2+2+2座椅布局,当然也可选装2+2+3座椅布局,Can meet different consumer needs.值得一提的是,The front row and second row seat headrest adopts the design of similar aviation head,On both sides of the Angle adjustable,Ensure that the head comfort.The third row is only equipped with the ordinary head,Not with the front、The second row consistent.

Jia international central armrest box area is more significant,Surface adopted soft material package,The front with chrome plated decoration.略有遗憾的是,The armrest box does not support up and down、前后调节,And the driver during normal driving,Unable to elbow to provide effective support.


Geely jia international low its control equipped with10.25英寸屏幕,While high match models equipped with12.3英寸屏幕,尺寸非常可观.Within the whole touch design,UI设计简洁易懂,Logic is also no problem.

对于日常使用最多的收音机功能我们也进行了测试,First of all find multimedia ICONS can be directly on the screen,After clicking on the left side you can find the radio column.点开后可以看到,The most commonly used radio is on the right,Click the icon below can also be automatically searching.

Jia international vehicle were equipped with7个USB接口,Is the largest number in my driving the vehicle,没有之一.Below the first gear has aUSB,The left side also has a12V电源接口,Control panel is equipped with a hidden behind theUSB接口.The second under the armrest is equipped with twoUSB接口,同时,Seats on the right side is equipped with aUSB接口,The third row is in storage on both sides of the rear has aUSB接口.同时,我们还对USB接口的电压与电流进行了测试,前排USB接口电压为4.81V,电流为1.14A,第二排USB接口电压为5.02V,电流为1.37A,The third row voltage as4.98V,电流为1.33A.Through the test data can be found,Jia international carUSBThe charging efficiency of the interface is very high,Daily for mobile phones and other mobile devices without any pressure.

Jia international navigation adopted a system of gold,The overall operation and mobile phones are roughly the same,非常便利.Enter the destination when the first two words,Will be with lenovo function,After confirm the destination,Screen will display information on destinations,After the motor start navigation,The system will recommend three paths for you,And in the upper right-hand corner can also be on route preference Settings,For example, to avoid congestion、避免收费、Don't take the and so on,Then choose suits own route navigation can be.另外,略有遗憾的是,Navigation information with dashboard linkage.


作为与消费者息息相关的空间测试方面,在此前的试驾文章《Fashion family practical choice 试驾2019款吉利嘉际》,我们已经对其乘坐空间进行了体验,而此次将从日常生活中接触同样较多的储物空间及其便捷性等方面进行评测.

Although jia international front row only equipped with a water cup frame,But if drink holder support refrigeration、加热,非常贴心,At the same time, the configuration is same level unique configuration.

Jia international store object space number, a total of20个,数量非常惊人,But on the front,Enough to meet the consumer needs daily.前门板储物槽容积较大,能够容纳较多物品.Have a belt cover steering wheel on the left side of the store content,Available to place the paper etc.Introduced below to hollow out design,Not only can store content,The front position can also support mobile phone wireless charging,细节考虑到位.此外,On the right side in the above and are available to place the phones and car keys.

After door storage tank volume is also significant,Above the handle not well versed in design,可用来放置手机.The central armrest box under the rear is equipped with two storage,虽然容积不大,But placing trivial objects can be used to.此外,Seats on the right side also has a considerable storage depth,And the third row left and right sides have storage,表现非常不错.

Under the condition of all seats on,The boot volume smaller,Can only hold two backpack items such as,而将第三排座椅放倒后,With the platform can be formed complete plane,This volume also expand.值得一提的是,Top-of-the-line models more honest,配备电动、感应后备箱,When you move items,Only with the feet sweep vehicles can be directly,十分便捷.



在测试前方视野阶段,我们采用高70cm的桩桶作为参照物,随后调整车距,直至在主驾驶位可以看到桩桶上沿.经过测试,桩桶与车头最终测得的数据为260cm,Belong to the same level vehicle normal.


Although jia international around the rearview mirror not adopt double curvature design,But thanks to the rearview mirror with larger area,Left and right sides of the field of vision is good.最终测试结果为左侧30°,右侧23°,In the same level as the tested models in a hierarchical level.

在测试过程中,Reversing radar farthest in153cm处便可感应到后方物体,In the same level as the tested models in life.在测试标准中,持续蜂鸣阶段越接近25cm则越贴近日常使用习惯,从实测数据来看,Geely jia international last buzzer hint distance as25cm,与标准值完全吻合.

Reversing image clarity good quality,At the same time also is equipped with reverse auxiliary line,To support the follow-up to,Convenient for drivers to complete back into the Treasury action.此外,On the left side of the virtual image clickable vehicles in four directions,For different point of view.

点击左侧3D选项后,On the right side of the screen displays an overlook the influence of vehicle,At this point you can click on the left side of the virtual images at any Angle,Of course you can also drag and drop vehicles,进行360°全方位查看,To further ensure the safety.除此之外,When you met astern rear obstacles,On the left side of the image also marked green、黄、Red represents the distance.

车辆在日常使用中,经常会遇到转弯或者调头的情况,这个时候车辆的最小转弯半径就显得非常重要了.最小转弯半径是指当转向盘转到极限位置,汽车以最低稳定车速转向行驶时,外侧转向轮的中心在支承平面上滚过的轨迹圆半径.转弯半径越小,则表明汽车的机动性能越好.了解爱车的最小转弯半径大小,在车辆转弯或调头时能做到心中有数,避免剐蹭等情况发生.经过实测,Geely jia international turning radius as4.9m,常规道路完成掉头动作较为轻松.

Geely jia international not only in the front row and second row above is equipped with the car shake handshandle,The third row over our head also have handle,Thoughtful details,When many detours on the winding road segments or high speed,Can help to reduce the car personnel body moving.



Vice driving on the left side is equipped with the boss button,Relatively rare in the configuration on the same level,And a greater help a daily practical.


Geely all is only a test drive of top-of-the-line models equipped with the function of vehicle traveling data recorder,这一点非常友好,For the owner to leave out the trouble that the late add.Through the touch screen can operate on video、The recording and photography function,And video playback.


Geely jia international is a very has the characteristics of the car,And don't talk about first test drive sense,Looks good on the daily practical.Flexible seat collocation and plenty of storage space,All travel provide sufficient guarantee for the family.同时,The drive of top-of-the-line model configuration rich,Electric induction trunk and a built-in vehicle traveling data recorder are equipped with practical configuration.I prefer to call it such a car“保姆车”,Because of its perfect solved we can think of all the pain,Ing is really!