On August 5, the new SUV FX11 based on the CMA architecture made its debut and was officially named Boyue L.The new model adopts Geely's new design concept of "digital symphony technology aesthetics". The main competing products are Haval H6 and Changan CS75 PLUS. The gasoline-electric hybrid model will also intersect with BYD Song.

New car highlights:

The new car is based on the CMA architecture, and the mechanical foundation is more advanced

GEEA 2.0 can evolve intelligent electronic and electrical architecture, and the transmission of electronic components in the vehicle is faster

The car chip adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 and is equipped with Geely Galaxy OS Air version system

Provide Raytheon Hi·F gasoline-electric hybrid power, fuel consumption of 4.2L per 100 kilometers under NEDC conditions

Equipped with Geely's first NOA lane-level driving pilot system, which can automatically get on and off ramps

Boyue L has a body size of 4670×1900×1705mm and a wheelbase of 2777mm, which surpasses its peers

In fact, from the highlights of the Boyue L model, it can be seen that Geely has armed this model to the teeth.In addition, the new design of the mecha technology style is believed to conform to the current trend of model design.

The scaly grille lining and the matrix-style lighting above the grille, aside from the previous home image of Geely SUVs, are obviously aimed at young consumers.

Viewed from the rear side of the body, the hidden roof design and the waistline extending from the front wheel eyebrows to the rear of the car create a dynamic effect of the body diving forward..However, to the surprise of the big event, the design of such a high-tech appearance is not equipped with a hidden door handle, but it also improves the convenience of use.

The angular through-type Y-shaped taillight group greatly enhances the sense of grade and recognition of the model.

Boyue L mainly focuses on the market positioning of young consumers, which can be seen from the configuration and design of the carriage.The 13.2-inch vertical layout of the central control screen is more technological in size and look and feel than competing SUVs of its own brand at the same level.In addition, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, the world's first Geely Galaxy OS Air system and Free Touch light UI not only ensure the look and feel of the system, but also ensure the smooth operation of the car.

The driver assistance system is another model highlight of the Boyue L. The new car is equipped with the NOA lane-level automatic driving pilot system first launched by Geely, which can automatically change the speed on high-speed and urban expressways.Dodging lanes, automatically changing lanes and overtaking, automatically getting on and off ramps, automatically decelerating on curves, and automatically controlling speed at merging are not only good news for novice drivers, but also relieve the worry that the model will not keep up with the times in a few years.

In terms of size, the Geely Boyue L has a body size of 4670×1900×1705mm and a wheelbase of 2777mm. It is positioned as a compact SUV.Compared with Haval H6 and Changan CS75 PLUS, Boyue L has more advantages in width and wheelbase, which can meet the travel scenarios of most families.

In terms of power, the Boyue L offers 2.0T+7DCT, 1.5TD+7DCT and Zhiqing Hi·F gasoline-electric hybrid, a total of three sets of powertrains are available.Among them, the entry-level 1.5TD four-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 133kW and a maximum torque of 290N m, and the high-end 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 325 N m, all matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.In addition, Zhiqing Hi·F gasoline-electric hybrid adopts variable frequency hybrid electric drive 3DHT Pro system, which can realize parallel drive in full speed domain, which can ensure the fuel economy of the model while ensuring power output.The Boyue L Raytheon Hi·F gasoline-electric hybrid has a fuel consumption of 4.2L under NEDC operating conditions for 100 kilometers, and a comprehensive battery life of up to 1300km, ranking firmly among the top players in its class.

Evaluation of the major events: From the highlights of the Geely Boyue L, it can be seen that it has a good performance in terms of model design, power level, space performance and assisted driving system.Compared with traditional household compact SUVs such as Haval H6 and Changan CS75 PLUS, Boyue L emphasizes the design and configuration of the cabin with a sense of technology, which will undoubtedly impress young consumers today.What's more eye-catching is that the Boyue L provides a gasoline-electric hybrid model, which also makes the model intersect with the current fiery BYD Song consumers.As for whether the Boyue L is worth buying, we still have to wait until the specific listing price is announced before we can draw a conclusion. The event will continue to pay attention.