元PLUS是今年2月份上市的一款全新车型,定位紧凑型纯电动SUV.根据官方消息,Listed in the past few month sales break more,同时在前几天,这款车型的订单量已经突破了5万台.从这串数据中我们可以看到,元PLUS在市场中的表现确实非常突出.那么这款车型有哪些特色,值得买吗?

8月3日,比亚迪元PLUSMedia tasting and depth test drive will,在郑州举行,As a long-term practice in the field of auto I,Also blessed among.Then the author bring everyone together to deeply understand the.

Byd's design and technical progress so fast,元PLUSAlthough still with the yuan brand name,But it and after yuan andPro完全不是一个概念了.It has been upgraded to the size of the compactSUV,Appearance is more able to bear or endure look fashion,Interior is full of artistic temperament,空间更大.Life started to reach430公里,长续航则达到了510公里.

元PLUS是比亚迪e平台3.0首款A级SUV,Is the most advanced byd pure level units,美学、智能、高效、Security is four major gene.At present the safest blade cell(可循环充放电3000次以上,支持行驶里程超过120万公里),Technology content is very high,At the same time carry the joining together of the world's first eight power assembly,The assembly has a highly integrated、高功率密度、高效率的特点,让元PLUSDynamic performance greatly enhance.

Such as comprehensive operating mode of the new efficiency is as high as89%,Low power consumption can be to12.1kW·h/100km,At the same time it all is zero to hundred kilometers acceleration is only7.3s,Among the strongest at the camp.而且元PLUS还是20M the only new energy vehicles carrying heat pump air conditioning.

元PLUSAll design from international top master hand The world's first sports fitness for the idea to build intelligent cabin

元PLUSDesign by byd global director Wolfgang modelling·艾格领衔倾力打造,Dragon Face 3.0家族设计语言,Needless to say details is better,International fei original.If the shape design and family-based language gene,Interior design is actually more than appearance jing,元PLUS由比亚迪全球内饰设计总监米开勒·帕加内蒂(2013In a generation ofSLevel is designed by his interior,Opens the mercedes-benz brand new era of interior)领衔打造,To the gym(GYM)为主题,Modelling design fashionable avant-courier.

Details on the blue、灰、Red color is tie-in,Achievements in the forefront of extremely rich artistic design,肌肉流线中控台、哑铃式空调出风口、握力式门把手、The treadmill type central armrest、推力式电子挡杆、琴弦式门板装饰件、Multicolor rhythm atmosphere lamp、One-piece motor seat is full of fun and vitality,The whole design look really tide.This design even before10Years you will also feel very wow.This unique interior reminded me of the BMWMINI,有些异曲同工之妙,只不过MINIEmphasizes the tide restoring ancient ways.

7Second level acceleration setting very reasonable,The car really let you hard to find fault

元PLUSOpen up no faults,Compact body good parking,百公里加速7.3sAccelerate feelings than actually fuel car7.3秒要好得多,Very smooth natural.And let's face it everyday normal opened those hundred kilometers speed up4Trams in seconds no essential difference between,The latter is just nasty accelerates faster.

元PLUSChassis performance also let person some accidents,The performance of very balanced,Beyond the simple sense of the price.But after a careful study found that in addition to the battery under the chassis layout of high strength and low center of gravity outside the advantage,元PLUSActually carrying the byd's new generation of multi-link independent suspension after,Suspension system takes5年研发,由原奔驰SClass chassis set-up experts led by Hans kirk professional team set-up carefully,拥有德系豪华车驾驶质感,运动性能表现优异,侧倾抑制显著,Manipulation of the stability is good,At the same time for the ride comfort.

And the yuanPLUSActually runs the body feeling also is very good,Reduces the pure trams that accelerate the harsh braking fiercely problem,Manufacturer to introduce that,CSTComfortable parking brake function introduced a concept of low-speed acceleration feedback control,充分考虑车辆所处环境及动态的影响,自动、The adjustment of the intelligent braking force,不仅解决了动能回收系统对舒适性造成的影响,还避免了制动时出现的“点头”现象,让新手也能开出老司机的水平,为车内乘员带来平顺、舒适的出行体验.This is byd in pure electric field strength.

Space is not lost20万元的燃油SUV

Because of the dollar and RMBProAfter is smallSUV定位,So the test drive before was wrong back row space have too high expectations,Results really experience after bigger than imagination,正如前文所言,元PLUSHas jumped to the compactSUV级别,2720mm的轴距,在ALevel of pure electricity market is in a leading level,相比燃油版的CR-VAlso longer,The space you can imagine.Actually the ride in the back is very loose and comfortable,But because the yuanPLUS的车长只有4455mm,Its trunk expression can only say one of the more general,But fortunately, trunk space can be flexible combination,Trunk can move up and down every layer,后排全放倒、头枕翻转后一秒变大床,Don't have to worry about temporary emergency load ability.

Mute sex also didn't what to say,This is pure electric itself bring advantage,But byd has former Renault, please-日产首席NVHExpert Dr Zhang qiang pointed out,采用“源头控制”、“路径阻断”、“系统优化”等手段,全面提升NVH静谧性表现.首次采用专为纯电车型量身定制的缩框管梁副车架,有效减弱了动力总成以及路面传递到车内的振动噪声.

As for intelligent snatched the configuration,Really don't need to say more,All than joint venture to use.元PLUS搭载DiLink 4.0(4G)智能网联系统,Implements multiple industry and leading industry in the first.15.6英寸自适应旋转悬浮PadNature is cool to use,采用高通骁龙8核CPU,搭配6G RAM和64G ROM,硬件跑分达到14万+,And resolution up to1920*1080,屏幕画质清晰细腻,系统体验流畅顺滑.

Configuration on the mobile phone wireless charging、全息透明影像系统、全场景数字钥匙、ACC-S&G启停型全速自适应巡航系统、ICCIntelligent navigation system, and so on intelligent technology and security configuration all these just for you.But byd hasVTOL移动电站功能让车辆化身超大移动充电宝,支持功率高达3.3kW,满足绝大部分大功率电器,户外烹饪,随心畅玩,Enjoy the comfortable drive new experience.

Of course we care about the real life is an inevitable topic,According to the ball uncle test case,The table shows life probably can do it85%以上,Note that this is the test of experience.

The final drive of the yuanPLUS之后,I want to say first pure electric and fuel car is totally different,Because there is no matching of the engine and the transmission smooth degree of problem,It runs smooth degree of almost no level difference(Is very smooth),Is not the usual fuel carA级、B级、C级的差别.The same as cell layout under the chassis of the blessing,Rigidity and strength of the vehicle have been greatly strengthen,Stability and solid feeling also have no the level difference,Coupled with the advantage of pure electric mute sex,So buy pure traction and don't have to the pursuit of high price and the high level,Because it will never bring qualitative differences like fuel car.