The safety performance of a vehicle has always been a key consideration for users when purchasing a car.In traffic accidents, rear-end collisions, side collisions, frontal collisions, pedestrian crossings, etc. are not uncommon. A vehicle with excellent passive safety and rich active safety configuration can effectively reduce the injury of occupants and pedestrians.But in many cases, some small details are also directly related to driving safety.

A car model that considers the details more carefully can bring more comprehensive safety protection to users.As the benchmark for self-owned sedan, the new third-generation Bestune B70 is a mobile safety fortress.

Recently, in the latest batch of C-NCAP tests in 2022, the third-generation Pentium B70 won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with a comprehensive score rate of 90.3%.Moreover, from the relevant projects of the crash test, it can be seen that the Bestune B70 pursues the ultimate pursuit of details in driving safety.

In daily driving, emergencies are everywhere.For example, when driving at a high speed, the car in front suddenly stops at a high speed, and the car behind is often unable to avoid it, which is likely to cause a rear-end collision.On the one hand, the Bestune B70 is equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, which can take emergency braking or early warning when the vehicle is about to collide.In this test, the Pentium B70 scored 97.34%.

Not only that, the Besturn B70, with its E-type body structure, can also protect the safety of drivers and passengers to the greatest extent, allowing the impact of collisions to be digested in the engine compartment.You must know that in the frontal 100% overlapping rigid barrier collision test of the Pentium B70, the Pentium B70 scored 19.04 points, which is close to perfect.

In the process of daily driving, even if we are a hundred careful, there are many other car owners who are easily negligent, and collisions from all angles are extremely prone to accidents.For example, when driving at night, the other side's high beams can easily cause the driver to have a blind spot. If there are pedestrians in the blind spot, there will also be injuries to pedestrians.In these scenarios, Bestune B70 also minimizes the damage to drivers and pedestrians as much as possible with its excellent safety configuration.Among them, the Bestune B70 performed well in the five-star safety certification test, a 40% frontal offset crash test that is more common in actual roads, and the Bestune B70 performed equally well, scoring 16.259 (out of 20 points).Such results fully demonstrate that the Bestune B70 can greatly improve the safety of drivers and passengers in the event of a collision.

In terms of pedestrian protection, the Bestune B70 not only achieved excellent results in the test, but also minimized damage to pedestrians through multiple optimizations and active safety configuration.For example, the energy-absorbing design of the hood and the ample variable space below provide maximum protection for pedestrians.In addition, pedestrian automatic emergency braking system, forward collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, etc. are all trying to prevent these accidents or minimize losses.

It can be seen that the performance of Bestune B70 can protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians to the greatest extent in the details of driving safety and in actual road scenes.This actually demonstrates Pentium's "user-centric" brand concept.In fact, not only these, the "super filter element" installed in the car of Bestune B70 can effectively block harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, and make the air environment in the car fresher, thereby protecting our health.

Obviously, the five-star safety certification of the Bestune B70 exemplifies the excellent performance of the Bestune B70 in driving safety details.We also have reasons to believe that such a Pentium B70 and such a Pentium brand can continue to break through and move forward in the market.