In this scorching hot summer, it seems that the epidemic has covered a layer of haze, and I don't know how many people's inner enthusiasm has been suppressed.

Recently, some historically important events have taken place. In this context, many people have rekindled the fire in their hearts. This state is very consistent with the spirit of the rock band.No, on the evening of August 5th, Jihu Automobile, together with the Black Panther Band, Tang Dynasty Band, New Pants, Luan Shu, Wu Tong, Gao Qi & Overload, and Zhang Chu, jointly brought a show with the theme of "You have to be good".Themed rock concert.During the nearly 4-hour performance, the audience expressed their enthusiasm through likes and comments.

New marketing form out of the circle

During the epidemic, many new forms were derived, and online marketing became the mainstream.In the automotive circle, from the beginning of individual car companies using the cloud listing method, almost every car company now publishes new cars, technologies, etc. online.It can be said that everyone is racking their brains to think and create new things to be unique, and the same is true for Jihu Motors.

In the live broadcast room of the video account of the concert @ You Want to Be Good, friends from all over the country swiped the screen one after another, expressing that the concert of Jihu Automobile in conjunction with 7 top rock bands was really cool, and I really wanted to go there., I really want to have fun together until dawn.It can be seen that in this concert with the theme "You have to be good", many people have gained a sense of satisfaction.

And Jihu Motors is also very smart, and did not miss this opportunity.In the live broadcast room, Extreme Fox appeared frequently. Through multiple rounds of interactive lottery draws, firstly, the free basic maintenance card, free vehicle traffic card, free car pickup and delivery experience coupons were drawn, and then 48 hours of in-depth test drive experience and concert customized YukeLili, Alpha S's new HI version of the car model, etc., every draw can arouse a warm response from the audience in the live broadcast room.Many netizens even called "Jihu YYDS" and "Jihu's marketing is full".

Although Jihu is a high-end pure electric brand of BAIC, it does not bring the solidified thinking of large enterprises to its own brand, but constantly innovates and makes breakthroughs. For example, the marketing model this time is very innovative.For a pure electric brand, it is not only necessary to focus on products, but also to use some cutting-edge features and advantages to make the brand more famous and recognized.

Cross-boundary union, transmit positive energy

In fact, this cross-border alliance also has certain opportunities.Rock music sings attitude and strength. It is a kind of music that can easily make people full of enthusiasm, and it conveys positive energy.The theme of this concert is "You have to be good", which conveys warmth and strength, which is in line with the original intention of the Jihu brand itself.

In addition, these seven rock groups come from different eras and styles, but come together.The new HI version of the Jihu Alpha S that Jihu Alpha S debuted on the scene is a product that integrates digitization, networking, and high quality, and it is also compatible in a sense.

More importantly, whether it's the band or Jihu, the common goal of holding this "You have to be good" concert is to transmit positive energy to more people and ignite blood to more people.Pursue what you really want in your heart, or show your truest self.

Car review: it's time for something different

Strictly speaking, the Jihu brand is not a new force in car manufacturing, but both products and marketing have broken through the original technical endorsement.For example, the new HI version of Alpha S has broken through the industry in terms of intelligent driving and unmanned driving.And in terms of marketing, it has become more and more popular. For example, this time through the form of concerts to expand its influence, it can be seen that Jihu has invested heavily this time.Of course, in the era of homogenization of the Internet, it is time to do something different, especially in the automotive circle.Obviously, Jihu got off to a good start.