Today, the scuffle in the compact SUV market continues to intensify.In addition to the new forces in car building, the traditional fuel team is actively transforming and entering this market segment with a new attitude.

On August 5, SAIC Roewe continued to make efforts to officially release the "Mount Everest Architecture" and the new car under this architecture - the new third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5.This time, SAIC Roewe chose "two-way attack" and launched fuel and hybrid models at the same time. Among them, the market guide price of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 is 117,900-155,900 yuan; the market guide price of the super-hybrid eRX5 is 153,900-165,900 yuan.

Compared with the old model, the new third-generation Roewe RX5 presents multiple changes.The most intuitive change is that the appearance of the new car is different.The new car is equipped with exaggerated "big mouth", with slender headlights on both sides, adding more fashion elements to the front face.The waistline of the body runs through to the rear of the car, and it is equipped with a suspended roof and through-type taillights, coupled with five-spoke large wheels, which are sporty and stylish, breaking the mediocre temperament of traditional compact SUV models.

In addition, intelligence is also a unique highlight of the new car.To tell the truth, now, most car brands are shouting "smart" slogans, but generally speaking, the intelligence level of new car manufacturers is higher than that of traditional car companies.However, this time, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 is equipped with strong intelligent equipment, and the new car is equipped with NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving function.

It is reported that the new car is equipped with 28 sensors, capable of 360° all-round environmental perception. This smart device can compete with the products of new car manufacturers.Compared with the fuel compact SUV rival PK, the intelligent advantage is equally obvious.

Moreover, the size of the new car has also been upgraded again. The length, width and height of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 are 4655/1890/1664mm, and the wheelbase is 2765mm.Compared with the old model, the length of the car is increased by 99mm, and the wheelbase is increased by 57mm.The interior space is optimized, the rear seats can be placed, the storage space is upgraded, and even if it is camping, those professional equipment can be placed.

Let's talk about price and configuration. As far as the fuel version of the new car is concerned, the starting price of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 is higher than that of the old model. The new car cancels the manual transmission model.It's automatic.Moreover, the entry-level new car is very conscientious, equipped with functions such as rear parking radar, reversing image, automatic parking, uphill assist, steep slope descent, etc., as well as a panoramic sunroof that can be opened, and a smart car system.

In terms of power, the new car is divided into two types. Among them, the fuel version is equipped with a new 1.5T engine, which is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.The maximum horsepower is 188 hp and the peak torque is 300 Nm. This set of data is slightly higher than that of the old model.In addition, the official fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 6.0L, which is very competitive.

The super-hybrid eRX5 power system consists of a 1.5T engine + drive motor. The fuel consumption data is the highlight. It is reported that the comprehensive fuel consumption of the new car is as low as 1.4L/100km when the new car is fully charged.Moreover, the zero-hundred acceleration time is 6.9 seconds, taking into account both power and fuel consumption.

Ghost truck view: As a new compact SUV, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 has a sense of luxury that is rare in its class.Design, power, intelligence, and space all take the high-end route. Although the starting price has increased slightly, for consumers who pay attention to the quality of the car, the experience is more important.So, after seeing the new car, what are the thoughts of fans, please leave a message to chat.