Introduction: Suzuki's fifth-generation Wagon is here!Pre-sale 56,000 equipped with 1.0 hybrid, fuel consumption 4L, the appearance is really individual

As there are more and more vehicles, there are more and more cars on the road. Driving is very crowded and parking is very difficult. This makes small and micro cars have great prospects for development in the current market.The recent debut of the Wuling Hongguang mini EV can be seen from the hot sales, and the Suzuki Big Dipper is believed to be familiar to everyone. In the past few years, the sales of Xiali and Chery QQ were the best-selling models at that time.The sluggishness and the explosive growth of domestic models have gradually disappeared from people's sight, so Suzuki has gradually withdrawn from the domestic market because there has been no new models on the market for a long time to arouse the market, but because of the rapid growth of car ownership recently, Oil prices have also risen a lot, so economical small and micro models have gradually become the mainstream.

As a classic Japanese brand, Suzuki can be said to have an absolute position in the field of small and micro vehicles, because the Big Dipper, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Tianyu, etc. in previous years are all very good small cars."Time" was not a big hit, because most consumers at that time wanted more space, more comfortable sedans and SUVs with better off-road capabilities, so Suzuki models were left out.It is not as convenient as a small car for daily driving or parking, and the fuel consumption is much higher than that of a small car, and the cost of using a car increases, so the focus is placed on the field of small cars, and the Suzuki Big Dipper in the used car market is also consumed by a lot.Therefore, Suzuki saw the opportunity again, and recently launched the new fifth-generation Wagon, which I will introduce to you next.

The fifth-generation Wagon introduced today has been on sale in Japan recently. The price is about 56,000 yuan in RMB. The price can be said to be very close to the people, and the appearance of the new car is also based onWith a new family-style design, the front head and hood are very short and compact, and the high-bulge design has an excellent muscular feel.The groups are closely connected, which increases the excellent overall sense and visual width of the new car. The lower bumper is relatively straight, the center has a hollow design to form the shape of the middle grille, and there are concave black fog on both sides.Lights are designed to increase the sporty feel of the new car.

The shape of the side part of the body is still very similar to the classic Big Dipper. The roof part is very straight, the lower window area is large, and the overall blackened color is also very personal, and the lower door part is very thick and heavyAlthough there is no waistline design, there is a penetrating bulge line below the door to increase the slenderness of the new car. The shape of the rear part is also very simple and atmospheric, and the protruding spoiler on the roof is like a rear wing.Upturned, it highlights the sporty atmosphere of the new car. The headlights on both sides below adopt a pure white design, and the vertical design increases the recognition after lighting at night.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a new 1.0 engine with a 48V hybrid engine as power, and in order to minimize fuel consumption, the new car is also made of high-strength steel with a strength of 980 MPa to maximize the body weight.Lightening: The whole vehicle weighs only 780KG.The ultra-light body and the practicality of new technologies have made the new car's fuel consumption reach a new low in the series, only about 4L per 100 kilometers, which is very suitable for current consumer needs. What do you think about this model? Welcome to comment below, thank you for your attention!