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Real shot of Infiniti Q50, appearance, configuration and comfort are online at the same time

2022-08-06 16:06:00Oriental Information Automobile

In terms of appearance, the new car still continues the design style of the Infiniti family, giving a youthful and fashionable visual experience as a whole. The visual effect of the low and flat front is very sporty, and the sharp headlights on both sides have extremely sharp "eyes".The interior of the lamp group is equipped with LED daytime running lights, which are highly recognizable after lighting. In terms of details, the new car uses more black elements to decorate, such as the grille and the air intake below the front surround.Both have been blackened to enhance their sporty feel.

When you come to the side of the car, you can clearly feel that the body is very long. After all, this is a medium-sized sedan. The roof line starts to slide down slightly after passing through the B-pillar. It is supplemented by the design of gun-gray large-sized wheels and red calipers.The sports atmosphere is well established and impressive.The side of the new car still maintains a sporty and youthful shape. The taillights are designed with blackened lamp shades. The internal structure of the lamp group is exquisite and highly recognizable after lighting.

The interior has not changed much, but the original tone is still maintained. The most eye-catching part of it is the dual-screen design of the central control panel, which greatly reduces the number of physical buttons on the central control panel, which not only looks simple but alsoIt has a sense of technology. The exquisite steering wheel has a very sporty shape. The two sides of the instrument panel are traditional mechanical instruments, and an LCD screen is added in the middle, so it can display richer driving information. The seat material has excellent texture and has electric adjustment., the shape emphasizes comfort and fit, and the rear row has air conditioning outlets, which improves the comfort of the rear passengers.

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