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French car "turn over", the interior style is very young

2022-08-06 16:06:15Oriental Information Automobile

If you have a car buying budget of 150,000 yuan, would you choose a classic Toyota Corolla Honda, a Civic or a brand new Volkswagen Lavida? If you have the same car buying budget, you can choose a car with excellentThe appearance of the car is beautiful, and it will be equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged engine and a family car with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Do you think it is also very interesting?Next, let's take a look at the charm of this brand-new Citroen Versailles C5X.

For this brand new Citroen Versailles C5X model, it can be said that many people prefer it, mainly because this model has an excellent appearance, a wide body with good looks and the latest style of lamp group shape, so that this car hasWith a very fashionable and atmospheric style, especially the body length of more than 4.8 meters and the wheelbase of 2.8 meters, this car has certain advantages compared with the traditional family compact car, and this model also has the law.It is a car with a unique romantic and elegant body design, and the whole car looks very recognizable, which is one of the reasons why many people like this Citroen Versailles C5X model.

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