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Three-dimensional lines + Hybrid 2.0, a handsome, fun and family-friendly car

2022-08-06 16:56:44Oriental Information Automobile

The exterior of the new car adopts Honda's latest family style, and the overall feeling is very cool. The visual center of the front face is occupied by the huge grille.The feeling is very strong, and it looks very good after lighting. The lower grille is designed with black banner strips + honeycomb texture, which adds a youthful color to the car, and there are fog lights on both sides.The side of the new car still maintains a fashionable and atmospheric shape. The overall side is not depicted with too many lines, creating a very simple plane effect. The slightly protruding shape of the front and rear fenders makes the new car show a wide-body effect.The blackened large-sized wheel valley makes the new car look very dynamic.The rear of the new car is a standard MPV shape, with new-style taillights on both sides, and LED light sources are used inside, which has a strong sense of technology..

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