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Suzuki Vitra "resurrection", appearance, configuration, and pinpointing it in place

2022-08-06 16:57:34Oriental information car

I believe everyone is familiar with Suzuki. As a car brand mainly producing small family cars, Suzuki has left a deep impression on us, not only the domestic version of Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Big Dipper, and the imported Suzuki Jimny also has a very good overall strength, and today I want to share with you a brand-new family SUV model that Suzuki has just launched overseas, which is the brand-new Suzuki Vitra.

We all know that the main competing models of the new Suzuki Vitra are the familiar Nissan Qashqai and Honda Binzhi, as well as Volkswagen Tuyue and other models, and this new Suzuki Vitra model can be said to be in appearanceSignificant changes have taken place in the interior and interior. We see that this new Suzuki Vitra model not only has the latest style of large-size Suzuki logo, but also a new style of air intake grille, and will also be equipped with the latest style.Compared with the old Suzuki SUV models, the split headlights and daytime running lights of this car not only have a higher recognizable appearance, but also look more refined.

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