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Korean version of "Haval Kugou" unveiled

2022-08-06 16:57:43Oriental Information Automobile

Nowadays, in the field of family SUVs, more and more tough-style models have been introduced, such as the all-new 3rd generation, Haval H6 and the latest styles of Great Wall Motors, Haval Kugou, and the latest styles of SUVs.Changan CS75 and other models have very personalized appearance and stylish detail design.The price of the model I want to share with you today is only about 150,000 yuan in overseas markets, and this model has the latest style of tough exterior styling and a brand-new power system.Style TORRES.

Judging from the actual car, this model has a very high similarity with the new domestic self-owned brand model that we are familiar with, the Great Wall Haval Kugou. Both models adopt a very fashionable and personalized appearance, especially in theIn terms of rear shape, the new style of the rear shape makes the two cars look very similar.And this model will also use the latest style of three-dimensional painting air intake grille and the latest style of front and rear lamp group design, especially the new style of three-dimensional body under the guard and rear diffuser, plus the latest style of sports.The aluminum alloy wheels make this model highly recognizable.

According to the current information, the overall body size of this car is very close to the Haval H6 that we are familiar with. At the same time, the car will also use the latest style of 1.5T turbocharged engine as power, and it will be used in conjunction with6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system, the performance of the overall power is quite satisfactory.

In addition to the personalized appearance, the current price of this model in overseas markets is about 150,000 yuan. It can be said that it is also a mainstream family compact SUV.Choose between Kugou, which model do you prefer?Say what you think.

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