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BYD's new SUV exposed, very suitable for young families

2022-08-06 16:57:41Oriental Information Automobile

For BYD Auto, it already has a lot of benchmark-level models, such as the brand-new BYD Tang and BYD Song and the classic BYD Qin, plus the familiar marine series models, BYD Dolphin and BYDBYD Seal, it can be said that it has already performed very well in the field of new energy vehicles.What I want to share with you today is a new BYD SUV model under test, which is one of the warship series models equipped with BYD Auto's latest DM hybrid technology, the brand-new BYD frigate 05 model.

As a family compact SUV, this new BYD frigate 05 model adopts the latest exterior styling design. The whole vehicle has the same style of air intake grille and lights as the BYD destroyer 05 model that was unveiled before.At the same time, the appearance looks more stretched and recognizable.And this model will also have the latest style of floating roof and segmented body side waistline, and judging from the current new car data, the wheelbase of this car will exceed 2.7 meters.It has a body length of more than 4.7 meters and a body width of nearly 1.9 meters.Coupled with the through-type rear taillights and the latest style of body surround, the whole vehicle looks more sporty and layered.

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