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Electric cars for tide come, yadi, Emma, a bell, to choose which good?Insider said the truth

2022-08-06 17:27:18Botou Enterprise

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This year, the electric vehicle industry will usher in an unprecedented wave of redemption. According to incomplete statistics, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Tianjin and other provinces and cities are about to start the big redemption of electric vehicles.So here comes the problem. Many car owners will be entangled when choosing an electric car brand, especially when it is difficult to make a decision for the three electric car brands of Yadi, Emma and Tailing.

The wave of electric vehicle replacement is coming. Yadi, Emma, ​​Tailing, which one is better? The insider tells the truth

New energy strategists ask insiders in the electric vehicle industry to tell you today how to choose the three brands of Yadi, Emma and Tailing, from brand positioning, starThe three aspects of product and after-sales service will be explained, so that you can choose a car without entanglement.

The first brand: Yadi Electric Vehicle

Brand Positioning: Yadea, as a leader in the electric vehicle industry, has become an industry model in terms of core technology, product quality and after-sales service. Yadea is positioned to be a "higher-end model", has launched a lot of luxury models, especially the recent Yadi VELY turned out, it has become a story in the industry.

The wave of electric vehicle replacement is coming, Yadi, Emma, ​​Tailing, which one is better? The insider tells the truth

Star model: The second-generation E8S of GN, as the flagship model of Yadi, has long dominated the electric motorcycleThe No. 1 sales list is mainly due to the core "two pieces" of Yadi electric vehicles, which are equipped with TTFAR graphene 3rd-generation batteries, which can be fully charged in 3 hours and can run 200 kilometers in winter.The motor uses a 1200W TTFAR motor, which can reach a speed of 60km/h, and its performance is comparable to that of a motorcycle.

After-sales service: Yadea also provides a 2-year warranty for conventional modelsIn addition to the service, it has recently launched a lifetime warranty battery service. It is the first time in the industry that the battery has the same life as the car to solve consumers' concerns about the short battery life.

Second Brand: Emma Electric Vehicle

Brand Positioning:As the top three in the electric vehicle industry, Emma has developed a two-pronged approach to the young consumer market + the high-end consumer market in recent years, especially in the field of female consumption, it has launched many cost-effective + high-value models, which are more expensive than other models.Stylish and more durable than other models have become the branding labels of Emma electric vehicles.

The wave of electric vehicle replacement is coming, Yadi, Emma, ​​Tailing, which one is better? The insider tells the truth

Star models: Taking the Emma A130 as an example, the biggest highlight of the whole body is the shape of the body, with simple and smooth lines with a sense of sculptureThe body, the appearance is really thrown to a wave of ordinary models.Of course, the core "two pieces" of this model are also quite good. With Emma's unique max energy-gathering motor drive system + large-capacity graphene battery, it can run for 100 kilometers on a single charge.

After-sale service: At present, Emma has launched "2-year vehicle warranty and 5-year motor warranty" in the after-sale service.The service is higher than the after-sales service of similar electric vehicles.In addition, relying on Emma's nationwide market integration capabilities, it can provide quick response maintenance services within 24 hours.

The third brand: Tailing Electric Vehicle

Brand introduction:Tailing electric vehicle, which has focused on differentiated market competition in recent years, mainly in the mid-end consumer market, stands out among the tricycle brands with its super advantages of "power, power saving, and running farther", and has been evaluated by consumersFor the most cost-effective electric vehicle brand.

The wave of electric vehicle replacement is coming, Yadi, Emma, ​​Tailing, which one is better? The insider tells the truth

Star models: Take Tailing Lion King Super Edition as an example, this car is a representative model of "energy saving and running farther".From the perspective of the "two core pieces" of the car, the battery uses a 72V23AH ultra-large-capacity graphene battery, which brings super combat power far beyond 150 kilometers of battery life; and the motor also uses a 1000W high-efficiency magnetic induction cloud motor.Powerful, adaptable to a variety of complex road surfaces.

After-sale service: At present, Tailing electric vehicles basically have a 2-year warranty, which is fully implemented from the battery, motor and body.It provides maintenance-free service within 2 years, which is not much different from Emma's after-sales service.After-sales service in the industry has done quite well.


Overall, From the point of view of after-sales service, in fact, the after-sales service of Emma and Tailing is similar, and Yadi will be better in after-sales service.The differentiated characteristics of each star product are still very obvious, and they are basically aimed at different consumer groups. In terms of overall battery life and battery, Yadi and Taiwan Bell are stronger, and Emma has more advantages in the appearance of the whole vehicle..

If it is a trade-in, from the perspective of my personal practicality and cost-effectiveness, I would recommend the Taiwan Bell.For car owners such as employees, you can consider buying this type of electric motorcycle model when you buy it.

Electric vehicle replacement wave is coming, which brand of electric vehicle do you choose from Yadi, Emma and Tailing?Welcome to leave a message.

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