Nissan wants to make efforts in China's new energy field!

Master Jiao learned from the official that in the second half of this year, Dongfeng Nissan will launch a new pure electric model in China, which is ARIYA.The car is the most important piece of Nissan's global strategy, and it is also Nissan's representative work and pioneer in the field of pure electric power. It comes from Nissan's global cloud map pure electric platform architecture.In this article, Mr. Jiao will take everyone to understand this new car. Can it become an important part of your new energy new car purchase list?

Consumers are most concerned about the power part. Nissan ARIYA will be equipped with EESM-electric excitation synchronous motor, with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. The maximum power of a single motor is 178 kW, with a peakThe torque is 300 Nm, the combined torque of the dual motors can reach 600 Nm, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers to 5.1 seconds.Equipped with a 90 kWh ternary lithium battery pack, the pure electric range under CLTC conditions is 623 kilometers.

In terms of driving assistance, Nissan ARIYA will be equipped with a L2+ intelligent driving assistance system. In addition to the ACC full-speed adaptive cruise system, the new car will also support FAP dual-mode automatic parking, includingParallel parking, reverse parking and forward parking.

In terms of design, Nissan ARIYA uses a lot of oriental aesthetic elements, and the front face adopts a closed grille design, which is in line with the current mainstream pure electric front face style.However, the overall concept of Nissan's V-Motion family can still be felt. The headlights are very slender. The V-shaped lower part is the LED daytime running light, which is integrated with the grille with black piano paint..

The length, width and height of the Nissan ARIYA are 4603/1900/1658mm, and the wheelbase is 2775mm.Although the length is not as long as the new Qijun, the wheelbase is 69mm longer than the new Qijun, which is the unique side of the pure electric platform.The new car is built on the CMF-EV platform jointly developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. It also has a very nice Chinese name: Yuntu.

The rim is designed with low wind resistance, the surface is gun gray, the size reaches 19 inches, and the tire size is 235/55 R19. The overall visual sense is good, very sporty, and should be in line with young consumersThe design aesthetics pursued by the user.

The tail design is very full, the taillight adopts a penetrating style, which is in line with the current mainstream elements. The roof is designed with a small rear wing with hollow elements in the middle, which can quickly guide air circulation and reduce wind resistance.

The interior design of the Nissan ARIYA is different from the current Nissan family style, but its mainstream design tone is actually not novel, such as the 12.3-inch dual-screen design, and the central T-shapedRegional floating island, this style has been common.This central island can be moved back and forth, and when moving to the end, the front row can easily switch roles.

Thanks to the pure electric platform structure and 2775mm wheelbase performance, Nissan ARIYA has a very good rear space performance, designers can arrange larger and thicker seats in it, Nissan's "big sofa" in the name of "furniture factory" is essential.In addition, the volume of the trunk is also very objective. The rear seats support a 4/6 ratio fold down, and a flat space can be obtained after folded down.


It is not too late for Nissan to get involved in the new energy field. Since the early Leaf, the world has known the unique side of Nissan's new energy technology.However, compared with the "two fields", Nissan's new energy has a relatively large space for subsequent development.Then, Nissan ARIYA has become a representative of new technologies under its own new energy level.The competition in China's new energy market is fierce. Let us wait and see whether ARIYA can emerge.