With the trend of rejuvenation in the automobile market, consumers have further enhanced their pursuit of driving quality on the basis of luxury, comfort and safety requirements.The high-quality FAW-Volkswagen Tanyue is coming. What kind of control performance does FAW-Volkswagen Tanyue have behind the luxury and quality?Can it make the driver feel happy?Let's take a look.

Beautiful waistline design

Tan Yue adopts a new design language, with a simple and neat front face and a heroic waistline, showing a fashionable and sporty atmosphere.The design of the headlights on both sides is narrow and long, combined with the lower guard plate, which makes the entire front face more imposing and looks more visually impactful.In addition, all Tanyue series are equipped with LED headlights as standard, and also support automatic high and low beams, automatic opening and closing, and steering assist functions. Overall, Tanyue is very cost-effective.The lights are also very characteristic when they are ignited. The lights will move, and the overall look is full of technology and sports.

High-quality interior

In terms of interiors, Tanyue also maintains a high-quality design language.The center console is equipped with a 9.2-inch suspended center control screen, and also has a voice recognition function, which supports the mainstream MIB High navigation to make the whole interior more technologically.In addition, there are still many physical buttons below the large central control screen, which reflects its practicality.In addition, the front panel of the co-pilot adopts a through-type design to better improve the visual sense.Tanyue's interior design has a significantly improved sense of luxury and class. There are more leather stitching materials within the reach of the new car, including the combination of dark interiors, showing a luxurious atmosphere, making people feel that the class is higher.In terms of interior configuration, Tanyue has a 12-way power adjustable seat with heating function. The humanized storage space and excellent overall safety configuration in the car also make daily use more convenient.

Space to meet the needs of the whole familyThe body length, width and height of Tanyue are 4589mm*1860mm*1660mm, and the wheelbase length is 2731mm.This data shows that the car has a spacious passenger space, and we sat in the rear seat without the slightest cramping.The seat layout of Tanyue is a large 5-seat, which has a flexible space in the same class of models, which is in line with the model positioning.Tanyue's second-row seats can be moved by 18mm, and to a large extent, it can also provide more space for rear users.In terms of the trunk, Tanyue supports the rear row upside down, with a maximum space of 1590 liters.The trunk has a sensor tailgate function, which is convenient for handling large objects or getting on and off the car. Such a large practical space meets the needs of family travel.

Extreme power

Tan Yue is equipped with 1.4T and 2.0T turbocharged engines, of which the 1.4T has a maximum power of 110Kw and a peak torque of 250Nm, which can produce a maximum horsepower of 150 hp.The 2.0T model is divided into high and low power engines, with a maximum power of 162Kw, a maximum torque of 350Nm, and a maximum system horsepower of 220hp.Accelerates fast, Tanyue is a model that is very suitable for home use.

FAW-Volkswagen Tanyue brings a comfortable driving experience, and safety is Tanyue's strength.During the test drive, we found that as the speed of the vehicle increased, we could clearly feel that the Tanyue high-speed body was very stable.It belongs to the category of fast and stable, which gives the driver a strong confidence and a very safe feeling.