In the auto market in 2022, where the sales of fuel vehicles still tops most of the sky, BYD's announcement at the beginning of the year to stop the production of fuel vehicles caused quite a stir in the industry.Although BYD is an uncompromising predator in the new energy market, there is a big question mark in the market: just relying on new energy models, how much effort can BYD have in sales?

The facts tell us: BYD has sold 100,000+ for several consecutive months, and the DM models and EV models are almost 50/50 equally divided; especially in the just announced July sales, BYD's monthly salesSales exceeded 160,000 units in one fell swoop!Many brands can't sell more than one month in a year, which is a real win!

The increase in BYD's sales is inseparable from the development of new models such as Han, Dolphin, and destroyers; of course, it is inseparable from the continuous upgrading and evolution of ace models such as Tang and Song..The protagonist of this article is Yuan PLUS, which has just completed the advanced upgrade of product power in BYD Dynasty.

In the BYD Dynasty series SUVs, Yuan has always been the smallest in physique, and the upgraded Yuan has become bigger with the blessing of "PLUS"!Also stronger!As the second blockbuster product of e-platform 3.0 after Dolphin, how strong is BYD Yuan PLUS?On August 3, at the event of the BYD Yuan PLUS media test drive meeting in Zhengzhou, we had a deep experience with this car.

New design + sports interior, Yuan PLUS has changed greatly!

In the design of exterior and interior design, it is difficult for you to associate this Yuan PLUS with the previous Yuan. This is also one of the biggest changes in this upgrade.The design language has been completely renewed.The front face of Yuan PLUS is replaced with BYD's latest Dragon Face 3.0 design, with sharper visual effects.The "Wing Feather Dragon Crystal" headlights are connected with the wing-shaped daytime running lights, which are simple and agile with elegant technology.On the chrome strip above the front face, there is a relief of the word "Yuan" in Xiaozhuan, which has a strong sense of delicacy.

On the side of the body, Yuan PLUS has become more slender, and the wheels are equipped with 18-inch "Wings of Wind" wheels; on the D-pillar extending at the rear, there is a silver color with full of national tide.The "Dragon Scale" plaque injects mysterious oriental power into Yuan PLUS.At the rear of the car, the wild and cute "little schoolbag" on the Yuan model was cancelled, and replaced with a newly designed LED through-type taillight, which has an excellent effect after lighting.

The interior design of Yuan PLUS is different from that of BYD Han, Tang, Qin and other models!Its interior theme is called "gym".Dumbbell-type air-conditioning outlets and grip-type door handles also function as speakers and ambient lights; treadmill-type central armrests, thrust-type electronic gear levers, etc., are full of sports.It's worth mentioning that the stringed red door panel trims even play!

From small to compact, Meta PLUS is bigger and stronger!

The previous Yuan model was an out-and-out small SUV, but the Yuan PLUS benefits from the blessing of the e-platform 3.0 and has a design with short front and rear overhangs and a long wheelbase.In terms of body size, Yuan PLUS has a length, width and height of 4455*1875*1615mm, and the wheelbase has risen to 2720mm, changing from a small SUV to a compact SUV.

The improvement in data also improves the driving space in the car. In terms of actual riding experience, the integrated sports seats in the front row are all wrapped, supportive and soft.Great; the rear floor has a flat design, and the middle seat is also equipped with a headrest, which can seat three adult men, and the head and leg room are not crowded, which is excellent in the same class of models.The trunk floor space is flat, there is a large storage compartment under the cover, and the rear seats can be folded down in a 4/6 ratio, and the loading capacity of the trunk is improved again.

In terms of power, Yuan PLUS is equipped with a brand-new motor with a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 310N m, and the zero-hundred acceleration is 7.3s, and the power output is greatly improved.Through the test drive on urban roads, it is not difficult to find that although the BYD Yuan PLUS accelerates rapidly, the power adjustment is still based on comfort. The power response can be said to be sensitive but definitely not rushed, even in sports mode.And turn to lightness.

And compared with the torsion beam rear suspension of similar models such as AION Y and Xiaopeng G3i, Yuan PLUS has upgraded the multi-link independent rear suspension.The chassis performance is very solid, especially on some potholes and speed bumps, it has a good filtering texture.The vehicle's handling of vibration and shaking is relatively soft, but it does not feel loose, and the comfort experience is greatly improved.

In terms of kinetic energy recovery, Yuan PLUS has almost no drag in the "standard feedback" mode.In the mode, the recovery strength of the vehicle is not particularly obvious, and daily driving is very easy.Battery life is the most important point for consumers when buying new energy models. Yuan PLUS is equipped with BYD blade batteries, providing two battery life versions of 430km and 510km, which are in the middle and upper level of similar models.

Write at the end:From small SUV to compact SUV, from interior and exterior styling to space, battery life... Through this test drive of Yuan PLUSIt is not difficult to see that BYD has given strong product power to Yuan PLUS and placed high expectations on it.After becoming bigger and stronger, Yuan PLUS has strong competitiveness in the face of AION Y, Xiaopeng G3i and other models of the same level.Combined with its price range of 131,800-159,800 yuan, I really can't think of a reason why consumers refuse to accept BYD Yuan PLUS when they want to buy models of the same level.