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The new Subaru Forester, high-end and cost-effective, do not conflict

2022-08-06 17:39:35Oriental information car

The exterior adopts a large number of black decorative panels, which gives a strong and atmospheric visual experience. The large and thick front of the car gives people a very heavy feeling. The grille adopts a very exaggerated and bold design, which makes people lookWhen it lights up, the outline of the headlights is sharp, and the lighting arrangement and design are exquisite. After lighting, it is very cool. The prominent design style of the front surround looks hardcore.From the side of the body, although it is a compact SUV, the Subaru Forester Wilderness is still relatively burly. The overall side is not depicted with too many lines, creating a very simple plane effect.The side skirts are equipped with black plastic panels, which enhance its SUV attributes with the roof rack.The rear of the new car still maintains a tough shape, and the use of a large number of horizontal lines creates the solid feeling that an SUV should have. The internal structure of the taillight group is exquisite, and it is very recognizable after lighting. The convex rear bumper design is very off-road./p>

The interior adopts a very simple design style. The large area of ​​soft material package + stitching design on the center console creates a visual effect of grade and texture. The multi-function steering wheel has a sporty shape and rich function buttons.To meet the daily driving needs, the large-size central control multimedia screen looks strong in technology, the seat material texture is excellent, and the overall visual effect and ride experience are very good

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