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The new Mercedes-Benz GLE is here, with lovely interior and exterior designs

2022-08-06 17:39:14Oriental Information Automobile

The overseas version of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 is positioned as a medium-to-large SUV. Competitors at the same level include Audi Q7, BMW X5, Volvo XC90, Lincoln Aviator and other models.The appearance adopts the Mercedes-Benz family-style design style. The large and thick front of the car gives people a very heavy feeling visually. The grille adopts a very cool design, which is impressive. The headlights on both sides are very technical.The interior of the lamp group is equipped with LED daytime running lights. After lighting, it is exquisite enough. The lower grille adopts a black honeycomb design, with sharp heat dissipation openings on both sides, which looks both sporty and stylish.

From the side of the body, as a medium-to-large SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLE is still very large. The slightly protruding front and rear fenders make the new car show a wide-body effect.The large-sized wheel valley makes the new car look very sporty.At the rear of the car, the new car adopts a rather youthful design. The end of the roof is equipped with a spoiler. The taillights are designed with a blackened lampshade. The structure of the lamp group is exquisite and highly recognizable after lighting.The layout enhances the sporty atmosphere of the rear of the car.

The interior adopts a family-style design style. The large area of ​​soft material wrapping + stitching design on the center console creates a visual effect of grade and texture. The design of the integrated LCD screen is very high-tech.The multi-function steering wheel has a sporty shape, the button layout is reasonable, the seat material texture is excellent, the interior work is fine, and the materials used are not worrying at this level, stitching, soft materials, ambient lights, leather, etc.There is use.

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