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The "scheduled explosion" of luxury SUVs adopts a more mature design and has a high-tech interior

2022-08-06 17:39:18Oriental Information Automobile

The exterior adopts the design style of the Land Rover family, and the overall feeling is very atmospheric. A large number of black style trim panels on the front of the car further emphasize its sporty sense. The sharp headlights on both sides have extremely sharp "eyes", and the lighting arrangement and design are exquisite, it is very cool after lighting, the grille adopts black honeycomb design, which adds to the youthful color of the car, and the prominent design style of the front surround looks very tough.The side shape maintains a relatively tough feeling. The most striking thing about it is undoubtedly the hidden design of the A, B, and D pillars. This design not only looks fashionable but also popular with young consumers. In addition, the window line,The exterior mirrors, wheel eyebrows, side skirts, wheel valleys, etc. are all blackened, making the new car look very dynamic.The square shape of the rear of the car gives people a very hard-boiled feeling, and it will also increase its sense of volume. This design is very attractive in China. The internal structure of the taillight group is exquisite, and it is very recognizable after lighting.

The interior adopts a very simple design style, focusing on practicality and functionality. Compared with its cool appearance, I think the interior is a little old-fashioned. The multi-function four-spoke steering wheel is moderate in size, and the central multimediaThe screen adopts an embedded design, the electronic gear handle is small and exquisite, the seat is wide and thick, and the interior space is spacious and practical.

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