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Maybach S-Class Centennial Edition, priced at 3.998 million

2022-08-06 18:08:40Oriental Information Automobile

When it comes to limousines, the Maybach S-Class is definitely a car to get around.With its good temperament, long history and strong power system, this new car has a good reputation among the market.The model introduced today is a new model that was just launched in July, the Centennial Edition of the Maybach S-Class. The price of this new car is quite surprising. The price is as high as 3.998 million, which is almost double that of the ordinary Maybach S-Class.price.

From the exterior design point of view, we can clearly find the special features of this model.The new car adopts a double-colored exterior design, a platinum-gold hood, and a silver-gray body.Do you like this Maybach S-Class?In addition, the logo of this new car adopts the Mercedes-Benz standing logo design, and there is a chrome-plated trim strip that symbolizes the identity to connect the car logo, with a sense of appearance and luxury.Of course, the grille is still a straight waterfall design, and the headlights are more piercing.

From the side, this new car is equipped with Maybach-exclusive wheels, and the two-tone body looks particularly luxurious.Some people say that this kind of appearance is similar to Hongqi H9, do you agree?

From the rear, it is also a double-colored design, and it is also equipped with a triangular-shaped digital taillight, and the exhaust pipe adopts a double-sided design on both sides.From the tail mark S680, we can know that this new car is absolutely bursting with performance.

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