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Toyota Prado launches special edition models, priced from 2.29 million yuan

2022-08-06 18:28:27Oriental Information Automobile

Recently, some foreign media reported that a Toyota Prado model with a matte black color scheme was launched in the Japanese domestic market, named LandCruiserPradoMatteBlackEdition.The guide price range of the new car is 4.3 million-5.1 million yen (about 220,000-260,000 yuan).This is another new masterpiece after the 70th Anniversary Edition launched last year.

The general structure of the new car has not changed significantly, but the whole car is blessed with blackened elements, which makes this originally boring SUV more personalized.In terms of power, two power options are still available, 2.8T diesel engine and 2.7L gasoline engine.

In terms of appearance, the body structure of the new car remains basically unchanged, which is mainly reflected in the changes in some detailed designs, and it is blessed with blackened design elements, making it more individual.

LandCruiser PradoMatte Black Edition is available in white and black body color options this time. The white body color is mainly equipped with a matte black appearance kit.

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