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Suzuki's new SUV looks like an enlarged version of "Fit", with three-pronged approach of appearance, intelligence and power

2022-08-06 18:28:40Oriental Information Automobile

Speaking of Suzuki, it can be said that this car brand, which mainly produces small family cars, has produced many classic models, such as the impressive Suzuki Alto, as well as the latest models of Suzuki Vitra and SuzukiJimny, and in the SUV field, Suzuki Motor has also recently launched a new urban SUV model. The positioning of the whole vehicle can be said to be very suitable for the needs of family users. It not only has a large space, but also has an excellent appearance.And this new model of Suzuki will also be powered by the same 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine as the new Suzuki Jimny, which is the new model XL7 from Suzuki.

According to the current situation of the actual car, this model has a very tough body line, and in terms of the shape of the lamp group, especially in the shape of the taillight group, it has a high degree of familiarity with the Honda Fit that we are familiar with.The similarity not only makes the car look more energetic, but also effectively improves the recognition of the vehicle, and the car will also be equipped with the latest style of daytime running lights and silver underbody protection.Panels, and a floating roof and the latest-style rear spoiler will be standard on this car.

Compared with the appearance of the vehicle, this new family small car from Suzuki will also have the latest style of center console design, and the shape of the center console has become more simple, and will alsoEquipped with a one-button start system and an automatic air conditioning system, at the same time, the interior seats of this car can also choose two different seat layouts, 5-seat version and 7-seat version, coupled with a 78 kW 1.5-liter engine, the whole vehicle is configured inIn terms of performance, it can be said to be quite satisfactory.

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