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Haval Kugou 1.5t engine, the pre-sale price is 125,800 yuan

2022-08-06 18:29:05Oriental Information Automobile

Great Wall Haval is known as the leader in domestic SUVs. Its ace player Haval H6 has achieved excellent sales results over the years and has accumulated a good reputation. Great Wall Haval is also constantly launching new products.To meet more young consumers' pursuit of personalization, after Haval Big Dog, another new SUV model has attracted the attention of young people, it is Haval Kugou.

The pre-sale price of Haval Kugou is 125,800-149,800 yuan. The new car will be officially launched on August 10. Currently, there are real cars in 4S stores in many regions.

First of all, in terms of appearance, Haval Kugou looks very wild, with the masculine beauty of a hard-core SUV. The front penetrating grille is connected to the left and right headlights, which widens the visual effect. There are dots inside the grille.The array is chrome-plated, and the circular light group has a retro style, using LED light sources, and the cross shape after lighting is very recognizable.

The outline of the body is simple and attractive, the B-pillar, C-pillar and D-pillar are all treated in black, the floating flat roof design is fashionable, the front and rear fenders are slightly wider than the body, and the black wheel arches and black wheel eyebrows are raisedIt has a sense of movement, and the petal-shaped wheels are very eye-catching.

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