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Trumpchi Yingku Hybrid gmc2.0 technical analysis, creating a giant wave hybrid

2022-08-06 18:29:17Oriental Information Automobile

Nowadays, whether it is national policy or environmental protection regulations, Tongtong is guiding people to buy more new energy vehicles.However, it has to be said that it is difficult for new energy vehicles to completely replace fuel vehicles in a short period of time from the perspective of China's market conditions.Even though they have unique advantages, fuel vehicles still have greater advantages in terms of cruising range, energy replenishment time, safety, etc., so in my personal opinion, hybrid vehicles are the most advanced from fuel vehicles to zero-emission vehicles at this stage.good transition.

Speaking of hybrid vehicles, Japanese cars started early in this regard, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc., with mature technology and a good combination of the advantages of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles.However, nowadays, the hybrid technology of domestic brands has accumulated a lot after experiencing precipitation, and now it can completely compete with or even surpass Japanese hybrids.GAC Trumpchi Julang Hybrid GMC2.0, it is the representative work of domestic hybrid.

1. Julang Hybrid GMC2.0 debuted

After 13 years of dedicated research and development, Julang Hybrid GMC2.0 was officially released on April 26. With positive R&D and joint venture cooperation, Julang Hybrid has been created, becoming the only dual-hybrid technology routes brand.

It was also on April 26 that GAC Trumpchi Yingkuo was officially unveiled.

2. A tank of fuel challenge for the Trumpchi "Ying" family

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