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Toyota MPV "new species" is coming, netizens: the price is really fragrant

2022-08-06 18:29:24Oriental Information Automobile

What I want to share with you today is a brand new entry-level family MPV just launched by Toyota.This model will have the appearance of the latest style, and it has been unveiled in overseas markets. The overall price is about RMB 80,000, which can be said to be quite grounded, and the positioning of this car is familiar to us.The domestic Wuling Hongguang is basically similar, and this is the latest model of the Toyota Avanza.

As a brand new model, this model has the latest style of the big mouth style air intake grille, which further enhances the recognition of the vehicle, and the car will also have the latest style of suspended roof and simple style bodyThe side styling is designed, and it will also be equipped with the latest style of chrome decorative grille and the latest style of daytime running lights. The whole vehicle looks very simple in appearance, and the overall front shape is similar to the new Toyota rav4 that we are familiar with.Rongfang models are very close.

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