Citizen Ms. Lu called

8月1Day in Yongda Road, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone4S店

购买了一辆Land Rover Range Rover Evoque,


Found ants in the car while driving,

The rear windshield shattered……

An accident occurred while driving a new car

Xinyi citizen Ms. Lu and her husband Yu7At the end of the month, I went to Yongda Road Jie in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone4S店,当天,The couple spotted the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque at the store,The negotiated bare car price is 26万多元.Ms. Lu paid in full,约定8月1日提车.

Ms. Lu introduced,8月1On the same day, she and her husband came to the store to pick up the car from Xinyi with their two children.After collecting the car in the afternoon, we drove back to our hometown,It didn't take long for the car to go out,The child sitting in the back said itchy arms,Ms. Lu hurriedly checked,发Now the child has ants on his arms and body,Then found ants in the back of the car.当晚到家后,The child's face was found to be red and swollen,Suspected allergy caused by ants crawling over.

“Not only ants were found in the car,And the car was on,The rear windshield shattered suddenly,Debris scattered,The two larger pieces flew past the child's arm.”停车后,Ms. Lu saw,Half of the rear windshield is missing.

The owner's request for a refund was denied

吕女士说,Just bought a new car to drive only a few dozen kilometers,还没到家,The rear windshield shattered,Frightened her family.“At that time, it was given to Yongda Road Jie4SThe store called to let us know,The store told me to drive the car back,So we drove back.

Ms. Lu and her husband thought,The car's rear windshield shattered,And there are ants in the car,It is really unacceptable to consumers.“The new car is not licensed,The rear windshield shattered,实在是说不过去,It's hard not to make us wonder if there will be other quality issues with the car.”

于是,Ms. Lu and her husband took the road to Yongda4SThe shop made a request to return the car,The reason is that the car has quality problems,scares consumers.“Yongda Road Jie4SThe shop does not agree to return the car,Just saying it can be repaired for free,Then said it can give value2000元的补偿,This is a far cry from our requirements.”因此,Ms. Lu and her husband did not agree.

There are ants in the new car and the rear windshield is shattered

8月3日下午,In Yongda Road Jie4S店维修车间,The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque sedan that Ms. Lu bought was parked in a corner.记者看到,Half of the car's rear windshield is missing,Stubble is uneven,The display is indeed broken.吕女士说,Ants were not only found in the back of the car at that time,Ants were also found on the left and right rear doors of the car.The reporter randomly opened the right back door,Sure enough, I saw live ants by the door,at the door hinge,There are also ants.

吕女士说,Because my husband has a complex relationship with the Land Rover brand,I chose this car specifically,Did not expect such a thing to happen,It's really frustrating for consumers.And even more puzzling,The businessman just offered free maintenance and some compensation to solve the problem.

商家:Not eligible for return

Yongda Road Jie4SAfter-sales manager Chen introduced,The domestic Land Rover Range Rover Evoque sedan purchased by Ms. Lu was inspected when it was put into storage,It has also been inspected when leaving the warehouse,Periodic inspection during storage,No ants were found in the car.Cars are parked in the open field,The field has grass,The possibility of ants crawling into the car cannot be ruled out.对此,The store can carry out a comprehensive disinfection and cleaning of the new car purchased by Ms. Lu,Solve the ant problem.

Manager Chen told reporters,The rear windshield is made of tempered glass,If it is hit by an external force, it can explode.But Ms Lu thinks,The reason for the shattered rear windshield is nothing more than thermal expansion and contraction,Because the car is stored in the open and exposed to the sun,Driving on the road and turning on the air conditioner,It will inevitably burst under heat expansion and contraction.

陈经理表示,All cars in the store are parked before opening,即便是开空调,The rear windshield won't shatter either,Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the reason why Ms. Lu's car's rear windshield was shattered.The shop's opinion is that the car is within the warranty period,给了两个解决方案,One is to replace the original rear windshield free of charge;The second is to report insurance by Ms. Lu,The difference in premium increases is the responsibility of the store.Consider consumer sentiment,The store is willing to give value2000元的补偿,Issued in the form of maintenance and replacement costs.This situation of the car does not comply with the terms of return and exchange of the car in the three guarantees of the car.

Ms Lu insisted,The car is a new car,Such a thing happens,The merchant should return the car.Even without returning the car,The car will be sold in the future,The buyer found out that there is a maintenance record,thought it was an accident car,The price of the car should be discounted by Yongda Road Jie4S店承担.对此,Yongda Road Jie4SAfter-sales manager Chen did not agree.陈经理表示,Ms. Lv has reported the matter to the market supervision department of the Economic Development Zone,At that time, the market supervision department will mediate this,He cooperates.

律师:It is recommended to negotiate a settlement

Lawyer Zhang Yulong of Jiangsu Diyi Law Firm believes that,Sellers shall deliver qualified household automotive products to consumers,And work with consumers to check the appearance of home car products、The quality of interiors, etc. can be inspected on site.




In this example, ants appeared on the vehicle and the rear windshield was broken,

Does not meet the above conditions for return vehicles.

But the vehicle is within the three-guarantee period,

The operator shall perform the warranty obligation.

It is recommended that the two sides negotiate and resolve the matter amicably.


记者 周涛

编辑 Zhang Yujun 责编 七七

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