Faced with any thing, while enjoying the convenience it brings, we should also be mentally prepared to bear the inconvenience it may bring.A car is a very happy thing. After buying a car, it becomes more convenient to commute to and from get off work, and it can also realize the dream of young people and go on a trip.

But buying a car can also have troubles, such as finding a place to park.Every time I go out to do errands, in order to find a parking space, it always takes ten to twenty minutes, and many times the car owner feels very irritable.Sometimes when I get bored, I just find a place to park the car, only to find that there is an extra ticket on the car when I come back.There are also some people who can't drive their cars because of disorderly parking.

A female BMW owner in Henan drove out to run errands and found that the public parking spaces on the side of the road were full of cars. She searched for several laps and could not find a place to park. Later, she found that one place was very flat.No one was parking here either, so she stopped the car.

The female driver didn't pay attention. In fact, there was a warning sign on the side of the road. This place is a construction road. The location where she parked is the road that the construction workers have just leveled. She will come to lay cement soon.Not long after the female driver left, the construction workers returned to the site. After they found the BMW, they immediately contacted the BMW owner.

The BMW driver answered the phone when she just called, but she said she was working on errands and couldn't go back, so she told them to wait for a while.However, there is time for road construction. If the pavement is not finished quickly, the road will not be done, and the normal passage of other vehicles may be delayed tomorrow.The captain of the construction team tried to contact the female owner again, but she did not answer the phone.He made more than 20 calls in succession, but the female driver refused to answer them.

The person in charge of the construction team was very angry. They felt that the female car owner was too unqualified. Since she didn't want to move the car, they put concrete on it and asked her to "leave" the car here.Workers began to lay cement on the road, and the BMW was stuck in the "quagmire".

When the female driver came back, she was stunned when she saw that her car was trapped in place by cement, unable to get in or out.She asked people from the construction team for help, but everyone felt that the female driver was to blame and no one was willing to help her.

The behavior of the female driver can be regarded as self-inflicted. The construction staff had informed the female driver in advance to let her drive the car away, but the female driver refused for various reasons, and did not even answer the phone. Now she wants to ask someone for help.Of course people don't want to.

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