It's now dog days, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Driving without the air conditioner will feel very stuffy.Air conditioning will cool down the temperature inside the car, creating a comfortable ride environment for the owner and passengers.

The air conditioner belongs to the circulation system of the vehicle. It has two modes: inner circulation and outer circulation. Usually in the urban area, we can turn on the inner circulation, but do we have to keep the inner circulation on when running at high speed?The insider said that if you don't want your car to crash, you'd better change it quickly.

The insider said that the traffic flow on the expressway is relatively large, and the exhaust gas and dust are also relatively large.Driving the external circulation for a long time on the highway will allow dust and waste to enter the car, affecting the breathing of the driver and passengers.So when running at high speed, it is best not to open the outer loop all the time.

Is it possible to keep the inner loop open all the time?Experts suggest not to do this, because the internal circulation only replaces the air in the car. If the internal circulation is turned on for a long time, the carbon dioxide content in the car will increase. After a long time, it will affect the mental state of the driver and passengers.

Imagine everyone, in a closed space, the carbon dioxide content is getting higher and higher, and the oxygen is getting lower and lower, will it become more and more difficult for everyone to breathe?When oxygen is scarce, the human brain will suffer from a short-term hypoxia. At this time, the driver's control over the vehicle will be reduced, and accidents are prone to occur.

When running at high speed, the inner and outer loops can be used alternately. If you are driving at low speeds in the urban area, you can open the inner loop, because the distance between vehicles in the urban area is closer, and the exhaust emissions are larger.Bad smell.

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