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A tank of gas and run about 1711 km, major wave hybrid gmc2.0 extrasensory easy

2022-08-06 18:33:01Oriental Information Automobile

In recent years, people's quality of life has been continuously improved, and when choosing a vehicle, they also want a model with high cost performance and excellent quality. After all, for most people, buying a car is still for daily commuting., If it can save fuel economy, then it is more suitable.Considering these needs of car owners, it is obvious that pure fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles are not suitable. At this time, models based on hybrid technologies such as plug-in hybrid, extended range, and gasoline-electric hybrid are obviously not suitable.Second choice.

A tank of fuel runs 1711km, who else is there?

From June 22nd to 26th, two brothers from the "Ying" generation, Yingku and Yingbao, joined hands to complete a tank of fuel extreme challenge. This challenge went through three provinces and eight cities, and experienced 51After a series of extreme challenges such as complex terrain, large temperature difference between day and night, and ultra-high-intensity driving, the two brothers from the "Ying" generation both handed in a satisfactory answer sheet.Among them, Yingkuo has the longest running distance of 1711km with one tank of fuel, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 3.2L. After conversion, one tank of fuel can run from Hohhot to Changsha, and one tank of fuel can span more than half of China.

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