2Can't repair a car in a month,The owner is angry,北汽新能源:all over the country


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近日,江西宜春丰城市的袁先生给江西都市频道24Hourly Newsline calls to reflect:去年2月份,He bought a BAIC New EnergyEC3汽车,开了一年多,There is a problem with the vehicle.可让他没想到的是,车辆在维修站放了两个月的时间都没修好,He wants to ask reporters to accompany him to ask:How long will this car be repaired for??

Introduction of Mr. Yuan,6月4日,他的车在行驶过程中突然失去动力.为此,He contacted the Beijing new energy after-sales,把车拖到了南昌的维修站进行维修.

车主 袁先生:工作人员说,It can be repaired in ten to twenty days,二十天以后我打电话催他们,says no accessories,always pushed like this.

袁先生多次打电话询问负责的维修站工作人员,对方总是以一些专业术语回复他,so that when interviewed,他都不清楚汽车的主要故障到底是什么.袁先生的车到底出了什么问题,为什么两个月都无法修好呢?当着记者的面,袁先生拨通了这名工作人员的电话进行咨询.

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站 工作人员:(主要是)The modulePCB板(坏了),And the battery case has a wire to do.,These things have accessories,just no mod.

Repair shop staff said,The manufacturer has not provided the modulePCBBoard accessories,因此他们也无法为袁先生的车进行维修.When will it be fixed,他们也给不出一个准确时间.

According to Mr. Yuan's warranty manual,The vehicle warranty period is3年12万公里.And Mr. Yuan car bought more than a year,怎么就因为没配件而拖着修不了呢?

车主 袁先生:This is broken(drag on for so long),what to do next time?BAIC such a big manufacturer,no accessories,also produces cars,Who will dare to buy in the future??

此外,袁先生还对北汽新能源的售后服务态度有意见.他了解到,很多品牌车的售后站点都会在维修时提供一辆相同档次的旧车代步,And he waited two months,But no service.

车主 袁先生:I haven't had a car for two months now,厂家也没有给我配备一辆旧车.

对于北汽新能源这么一家大企业来说,How can because a small accessories,而让车主两个月都拿不到车呢?Mr. Yuan to buyEC3It is a best-selling car of BAIC,Is it another owner's car?,May be facing the same problem?

记者和袁先生一起来到了位于南昌市青山湖区科技大道的北汽新能源维修站.According to the introduction of Mr. Jiang, the person in charge of the workshop,Mr. Yuan's car could not be repaired for two months,Because of the lack of necessary accessories chip.

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:6号跟7号(Mod is broken).

记者:Is it a battery module?,还是什么?

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:电池模组.

记者:Why can't it be fixed??what is missing?

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:Missing the above chip.


北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:对.

According to the workshop leader,Affected by the lack of chips,仅他们一家维修站就有多辆不同型号的车受影响,Earliest car from this year5It hasn't been repaired since the beginning of the month.

记者:Light your workshop,How many cars are there in this condition??

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:30台吧.

记者:30Because of lack of chip affected?

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:Nationwide words,a lot every day,this is national,Not just our store.

“缺芯”The accessories factory is“and China-Prussian side” Are there enough spare parts for accessories??

The head of the workshop said,目前北汽新能源厂家仍在积极与配件厂进行沟通.不过截至目前,无法给出解决问题的准确时间.

记者:Which factory is the battery from??

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:The battery is the same as that of China and China,We are commonly known as Pride.

记者:备件,Are there any spare parts for accessories like this??

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:They should have no spare parts.

而针对袁先生提出的急需用车,希望厂家能提供一辆代步车的要求,Workshop director made it clear that cannot do it.

北汽新能源南昌科技大道维修站车间负责人 江先生:one or two(Scooter provided)可以,This is a nationwide large-scale return to the factory,可能不能(提供),Currently waiting.

根据北汽新能源维修站的车间负责人的说法,全国范围内有大量车主面临和袁先生相同的境地,一些车主的车甚至放了近三个月都没修好,而且这种困境什么时候能结束还不确定.这样的使用体验,It is estimated that many car owners will be disappointed.北汽新能源作为一家全国知名的汽车大厂,如果连维修用的配件都无法正常保障,又应该拿什么来赢得消费者的信任呢?对此,《都市现场》will continue to pay attention.