On August 5, the reporter learned at the Beijing Benz Shunyi plant that the new Mercedes-Benz EQE, which has been rolled off the production line in the Shunyi plant, will be launched in the Chinese market in the near future.

As the first domestic model of Mercedes-Benz to be developed based on the EVA pure electric platform, the new EQE has a pure electric cruising range of up to 752 kilometers under CLTC conditions.The EVA pure electric platform is scalable at all levels and can be applied to different models.

Thanks to the modular design, the wheelbase, wheelbase and other system components of the vehicle under this platform, especially the battery part, can be adjusted.With the corresponding synergies, Mercedes-Benz can respond quickly to customer needs – for example, by creating new pure electric models, or it can be continuously updated during the life cycle of a car – for example, with a new generation of batteries.

The new EQE is one of the first Mercedes-EQ models to be equipped with active ambient lighting. According to the needs of Chinese customers, 10 exclusive upgrades are provided, including the design of the rear center armrest and the front wireless charging.function, comfortable rear headrest, etc.

This year, Mercedes-Benz will launch a total of 21 new products to the Chinese market, including 8 new energy products, covering the new EQE, EQS SUV and plug-in hybrid products from C-Class, S-Class and other models.By 2025, the "new generation luxury" models based on the next-generation modular architecture platform (MMA) and the "core luxury" models based on the MB.EA pure electric platform will also be put into production at Beijing Benz.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz Group and BAIC Group announced a joint investment of more than 11.9 billion yuan to build Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant.In 2020, Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant officially started production.

The production flow management system (PFM) in the body shop of Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant makes the production line highly flexible.PFM can flexibly arrange production according to customer orders, not only to meet the different order requirements of the new EQE, but also to achieve flexible switching between the production of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles.

The smart assembly line in the Shunyi plant's final assembly workshop is equipped with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for body transport of the all-new EQE.The magnetic strip on the ground can guide the AGV to run autonomously. Through the QR code of the magnetic strip, the position of each AGV in the production area can be tracked in real time.Integrating the flexible combination of large liftable AGVs and small transport AGVs improves the efficiency and accuracy of the production and operation of the Shunyi factory and realizes highly flexible production.

In terms of carbon neutrality, in 2021 Beijing Benz will become one of the first companies in Beijing to purchase green electricity.At the same time, Beijing Benz uses recycled packaging instead of disposable paper packaging, saving paper equivalent to 1.3 million trees in 2022.In addition, Beijing Benz has also increased the proportion of self-made green energy, and widely applied photovoltaic power generation technology. The total area of ​​solar panels installed and used is nearly 220,000 square meters, and the total annual power generation can reach 38 million kWh.